The Space Bar

  We were never taught the meaning of SPACE in our lives, we were never taught we would ever need some.                                      I really love the word SPACE. It's fascinating; while we were growing up, we were told many times by our teachers to give right amount of space between the letters while writing. Right amount of Space is important to make your writing look nice, and readable. That’s what kids are being told when they are learning to write, right?  As we climbed the ladders from kindergartens to primary, we were introduced to huge digital boxes which we used to call desktop computers. There we got to know the longest key on the keyboard is the Space bar/ Space key which we need to press each time whenever we used to write something in a word file. I always used to wonder, why did they make the space bar so long? What might be the significance behind it? It could have been like any other key! Nevertheless they are all same just with some different functionality.

The Invisible Touch

  We all have our days. Some are hard to live, difficult to gulp, and dense enough to choke our souls to a limit that compels us to shout, WHY? I lived an entire week like this that ripped me apart into intangible pieces that were hard to stitch.  11:00 pm and I finally left my office, booked a cab, and waited for the driver to come. Devastated by the number of rejections and workload on my table, I decided to call it a day. November never felt so cold to me. I put my phone on silent mode and kept it safely in my leather handbag as I sat in the car.  I asked the cab driver to shut the music that was playing in the background. The noise was much louder at the back of my head. I always cherished if I had a snooze button in my life. I wish to endure. Will I be able to make it? Will I be able to come up with a sensible draft? Thoughts like these crossed my mind. I opened the windowpane, placed my chin on the edge, and inclined towards the door of the car. The road was broad, smooth, and va

The Conference Called.

    I was living my life in a decently boring way until this conference came to me. I thought of it as one of my normal official activity of which I was a part. People were invited for this conference from all over India. The conference was scheduled for 7 days in Bangalore, and I was directed to fly 2 days prior to the start of the conference.   I took out my suite case, packed my formals, 2 pair of pajamas, a party dress (in case I need), and zipped my toiletries in a pouch; charged my laptop and arranged it in a separate hand bag, rechecked my boarding pass along with the id proofs, and left for the airport (after informing my family).   My flight was delaye d by 2 hours. To pass the time, I grabbed a costa coffee, placed my phone on the nearest charging point and checked the recent messages that I have received. There weren’t much of them, except the messages from my mother and my two best friends- inquiring about my latest activity on the airport. Who else do you except

Let's Be Being First.......

Let’s be Humans first and Engineers later. Let’s Fix our Hearts first and Machines later. Let’s Value the People first and Our Egos later. Let’s Create Love first and Softwares later. Lets Earn some Respect first and Money later. Let’s Cuddle First and Fight later.   Let’s be Friends First and Make our Forever later. Let’s Learn to Hold first and Let Go later. Boy oh boy, let’s learn to live first and create the memories later. Let’s Make the Base first and Building later. Let’s Extend support first and Pretend later. Let’s be Humans first and Engineers later.   Let’s value the Person first and Time later. Let’s Gaze the Stars first and Screens later. Let’s enjoy the Darkness first and Daylight later. Let’s hold the Hands first and Grudges later. Let’s Resolve the Fight First and Blame each other later. Let’s become Kids first and get Mature later. Let’s eat the Cake first and Hit the Gym later. Let’s learn the Human values first and Code later

Coffee And The Cake (Part 3)

   While Ravin was trying to make the most of the time by doing the majority of the talks, I was busy doodling something on the tissue paper and roaming in my own world with Derik. Coffee reminds me of him. It’s been five days and nothing literally happened. Derik showed no hints at all. But I was sure he would have stalked my entire account at least once. My recent activities, recent pins, the major how about of my movements from one place to another. A social media app has a lot to offer. I realized that lately. A complete human could be transformed into another in the span of two years, and then this was about me. This was about us. I waited patiently like a hunter who waits for his bait to get trapped. But wait, I didn’t set the trap, it was he who initiated. I was trying to adjust in my New York already. But now I was getting trapped in those days again. I felt his presence around me again. I got my constant checking of phone syndrome back with that one request. Thanks to Derik,

The Friend Request(Part 2)

It was a new follow request on my social media from a stranger. I opened the app with a dull face and what I then encounter took me out of my feet. It was Derik. It was his request to follow me on some social media app. He still had the same profile picture which I once approved.  It’s been two years today when I last spoke to Derik. Life in New York has been hard but I guess that’s what I wanted somewhere. I decided to shift to New York from Australia. Maybe I was running from things but confessing them was even harder so I chose to run. Run to the point till I stop and find a permanent closure for myself. I deleted everything from my cell phone which belonged to him. His photographs,his number, his mails. It felt like a decade passed by. I wasn’t aware about his existence but I knew he was still breathing in some corner of the earth. I could feel that every day. Though my everyday was an effort to move on but in that effort some part of me used to stay behind a

The Pause Button.

Applause the Pause before its over!! We have been constantly cribbing upon how desperately we need   a break from our 9 to 5 monotonous schedule. We spend our lifetime working as Tech maniacs, working towards a drift without pondering upon the realization that why are we even doing this? Our Instagram stories and posts are the evidence that we struggle to show our existence in the world. We want fancy vacations,million followers on our accounts, a 6 digit salary, high class friends and summon our day captioning " Trying this Greek Yogurt as probiotics!" When I can gaurantee, not even half of your friend list would know the difference between a curd and a yogurt! Fancy. Isn't it? (And I am also sure that majority of you will google the difference between them after reading this blog of mine.   You can always thank me later silly!) I literally want you to come, sit by my side and think! Think about the answers of the question which I am about to shoot on