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The city that gave me everything (part 2)

I peeked through the corner, investigating the city. By this time, I was burning with curiosity...........  I was a newbie. Booking an ola was a challenge for me. I hail from a city where stuffs like this do not exist. !! And being the most pampered child of my family , things were served to me on my table with a dressing of silver. I struggled for 10 minutes to make the taxi driver understand the location but Tamil and Telugu floated over my head !! Scorching heat and alien language left me agitated. "What the hell I am doing here ?" I asked myself, gaining nothing but the heavy tan on my face and body !! Luckily my father end up getting an auto and asked me to do the further talkings. Again I pressed my play button and narrated the same location to him . To my surprise, he responded in English !! I like that !! I felt delighted. The wave of happiness spreads across my face and he was smart enough to recognise that I was like an innocent lamb  who was about to get

The city that gave me everything (part 1)

 Million little thoughts pulled me in million little directions.................... My unwavering determination and adamant nature drove me from North to South. The girl who wasn't allowed to step out of the house after the clock stuck 7 in the evening was now going to settle in some unknown alien city for straight 6 months. I never stepped out of my place after 7 pm. Even if I had to then either my mother used to accompany me or my father or someone elder from the family would act like a shadow. As a child I used to cherish that one day I will be at some fancy place away from home and every fence where I can freely earn and learn things in my own way but I wasn't aware that I'll be blessed like this!! To me it felt like, a kid requesting god to get selected in 50 metre long jump race but god being god surprised him with a ticket of bungee jumping. I was enthralled about the new discoveries but I was scared of the decisions and risk I was about to take. Obviously

Professional or not?

The aroma of cappuccino lingered the room, I felt so freshed. People bustling around here and there with their heavily priced drinks sipping and gossiping. My team lead flaunts  her sexy legs in an utterly professional skirt with a messy bun sipping the cafe Mocha of CCD, with a spoon of brownie. And here I was, opening up my drawer and patiently eating my banana without worrying what impact it could have on my image . Who does that anyway? Who eats banana while sitting in one of the posh offices of India's largest leading brand. Do I look like a coperate person? From any angle of my face ? I am feeling more like a govt employee who's reluctant to work and waiting to get salary credited into her account.