Professional or not?

The aroma of cappuccino lingered the room, I felt so freshed. People bustling around here and there with their heavily priced drinks sipping and gossiping. My team lead flaunts  her sexy legs in an utterly professional skirt with a messy bun sipping the cafe Mocha of CCD, with a spoon of brownie. And here I was, opening up my drawer and patiently eating my banana without worrying what impact it could have on my image . Who does that anyway? Who eats banana while sitting in one of the posh offices of India's largest leading brand. Do I look like a coperate person? From any angle of my face ?
I am feeling more like a govt employee who's reluctant to work and waiting to get salary credited into her account. 


  1. just a spoonfull of brownie. Girls on diet these days, can't even enjoy a handful of brownie. :P

  2. Well. Your lazy girl is really very lazy.. Anyways good writing. All the best for the blogs coming in future.. I know there are lot more.

  3. Ohhh so u keeps banana inside drawer? Such a expensive item ummm... nyway nice script keet it up.

  4. Thanks all for your love and support... Yes loads to come :)


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