The city that gave me everything (part 2)

I peeked through the corner, investigating the city.
By this time, I was burning with curiosity...........

 I was a newbie. Booking an ola was a challenge for me. I hail from a city where stuffs like this do not exist. !! And being the most pampered child of my family , things were served to me on my table with a dressing of silver.
I struggled for 10 minutes to make the taxi driver understand the location but Tamil and Telugu floated over my head !! Scorching heat and alien language left me agitated.
"What the hell I am doing here ?" I asked myself, gaining nothing but the heavy tan on my face and body !! Luckily my father end up getting an auto and asked me to do the further talkings. Again I pressed my play button and narrated the same location to him . To my surprise, he responded in English !! I like that !! I felt delighted.
The wave of happiness spreads across my face and he was smart enough to recognise that I was like an innocent lamb  who was about to get slaughtered !!!!!!!

Five of, my parents and my paternal uncle and aunt somehow adjusted ourselves in that small auto with that bulky luggage of ours . They all were here to drop their princess, ( in short me )!!!  I peeked through the corner of the auto, investigating the city, by this time I was burning with curiosity .

"Welcome to Chennai" , I read the board, and everyone smiled with a hint of sarcasm. "No use , let it be !!" I told myself . We were heading towards a girls hostel where my facebook-Gujarati-friend  was already waiting for me. She was on my speed dial As she was directing me with the address.  "You will get everything here, see !! These shops are so good " exclaimed my mother as she scrutinized everything with her eagle-eyes.

The auto -wala stopped right in front of my hostel.
And there she was !! Standing at the gate ,in her half pants with her sparkling eyes and silly smile .

"Hiiieeeeeee......" We both shouted and exchanged warm hugs as if we have been knowing each other since ages. !!!!!!!!


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