It's not a Mother's day.. Its a Mother's Era !

Your love can make her blossom like a flower again. Don't​ procastinate to show your love before it's too late.......
Mother ! A small word , but a huge world altogether.

Stories have been made, articles have been published, poets have crafted beautiful poems, yet there is always much to add.
But why celebrate one day as "Mother's Day" when we can do it each single day !!
Why do we need a fancy Facebook or Instagram post to show the depth of our love to the people when otherwise we don't even bother to ask her a glass of water.
Aren't the stretch marks on her stomach enough to prove the level of excruciating pain she has gone through to bring us to life.

Aren't her wrinkles smiling on the fact that she has been serving the family with the selfless love yet no one stops to bother.

Aren't you able to see her grey hair which she now tends to hide under the hair colour to prove that even the brutal age can't recede her love and care for you.
We are running and only running from 9-6 in search of something unknown.
                     Do we really need a particular                          day in a year to appreciate our                        mothers?
Doesn't she deserves a pampering hug every day and night with a pinch of compliment ?
                     Can't we do something small                          and stupid in order to make her                        cheeks glow ?
Can't we make our mothers realise that they are the best things that have ever happened to our lives?

When she can do all the things in the world for her child.. then why can't we ??

She might not be able to operate a smart phone or to take a perfect selfie with those trendy clothes but she very well knows how to raise a smart kid who can do all that.

Your love ,care and attention can make her blossom like a flower again. Don't procastinate to show your love before it's too late. Because blessed are those who have a mother.
Love her, respect her . Dedicate your time towards her , because you can never ever repay even the one fourth of what she has done for you !!


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