Periods or a War ??

I used to bear a thought.... Am I on periods or on a war??? 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I'm gonna die!!
Omg.! How is it even possible? What should I do man? Should I tell someone or should I wait for this to end? Is it an injury? Would the doctors operate me for this? (my legs felt numb and sour as i thought of these weak emotions.) 
Mummaaaaaaaaaaa............ I am dying !! See what's happening!! My clothes are all spoiled, but I didn't fall anywhere, so can it be an injury??
Shhhhhh....why didn't you tell  me earlier ? Has it just started? No it's been 15 minutes, and I am freaking scared. Let's call papa , take to a doctor, am gonna die mommy.. !! Come here with me... And shh... Melo dramatic​ are fine , don't worry. Take this, she handed me a sanitary napkin and directed me to fix it . I will explain you everything, but for now... Don't freak out.. you won't die. Just relax !! She said while assuring me .

This happened to me when I was in class 9th, playing in my neighborhood, unaware of the fact that my childhood has just been crumpled with stinky-stains of blood in the name of "puberty" !!
Swallow this , come on , good girl , said my mother as she gave me some herbs when I complained about cramps in my stomach and backache with a weird feeling of nausea. She being a mother, knew it well. I am not going to school tomorrow, it's so gross !! Since then, the first day of every cycle of the month turned out to be as awful as possible which made me skipped my school, tuitions, lectures, parties and now even office . Damn hell !!!

As a child, I used to bear a thought.... Am I on periods or on a war??? A silent war against myself. Which have blood shed, pains, emotional torture, cravings and in the end the feeling of victory that it is finally over !! Haaaahhhh !!
                  These complex days have their own complexities. From taking a sadistic pleasure in torturing someone to end up crying in the mid of a conversation.... Behaving like an emotional pig !!
When black becomes your favourite colour and white is a no-no !!
When you can't withstand your own smell and end up bathing in deodorant.
When a mug of chilled beer is replaced with a fuming-hot- cappuccino to calm your stomach cramps .

Variations !! you see?? Narrated Clara as she finishes her last sip of coffee. Come here stupid , giggled Derik unaware of the war she has to fight alone every month. He gave her a warm hug with a lovable kiss on her forehead.
I will never judge you, no matter how wicked you become .... Shut up !! Both giggled in each other's arm ..


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