The storm inside me was stronger than the outside one.

Clouds thunder with a strong lightening​. The storm grew wilder among them as their breath inter mingled with each other. Weird ecstasy and terror rushed through her adrenaline as Derik held her tight by her waist and pull her closer. Lust overcoated their love. She melted in her own delicacy when Derik's cold slender fingers touched her temples with the clumsiness that was hard to resist.
Her senses refuse to acknowledge the thin line between right and wrong. Her soul was drifted by the electric aura. She moaned in pleasure when his hands studied the intricacies of her body. Clara's soul was salivating for the tempestuous touch of Derik. He pulled her close enough and buried his mouth on her neck.

Their uncontrollable feelings had now developed wild wings. She clenched his hair and he kissed her with all the love and force.  Their soul submerged in the alcoholic ocean of lust. Clara tremble with his each sensual touch.
The insatiable thirst was now bottomless. As Derik unzipped her, the goosebumps on her sultry smooth body enthralled him.
He caged her in the warmth of his muscular arms , kissing every inch of her over heated white skin. More than Derik, she was burning in desire for more and more and more...............


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