It was raining that night....

He crossed his arm across mine, held my hand and blew a soft kiss over it.......

It has been raining the entire day. Monsoon has knocked the door of India. Impressive !! I have just came from office after attending a meeting with my lead and after completing all the work but rain falling down my window pane keeps me invigorating!
I am alone in my room in this beautiful weather (injustice, isn't it?) . I so wanna go out but nobody to accompany me. Ahh ...Let it be !! Rain reminds of many things... Rain reminds me of Kabir...!!
Not again.... I said to myself as I shut my eyes, crush myself in my bed, put on my headphones but it didn't help !! The sad song made the situation even more worse.

I forced Kabir that day for a night out by showing my puppy face. I knew he won't say a No to me so I used my puppy face as weapon considering all the odd factors.
11:00pm -- the clock read ! Kabir and I boarded the bus that time. I was so enthralled about my night out, that I had never before!! My words came like shock to him when I said "I forgot to take my id-proof !" after scrutinizing my bag.
"How could you? How will we get a room now, you idiot !!
You are traveling with me at this time of the night without informing anyone and you haven't brought your ID proofs as well !! Perfect !! A huge round of applause for this lady! " He freaked out of exasperation as he completed.
"Relax dude.... We gonna figure it out. Chill !! I said without reflecting any hint of tension.
12:00 am , the rain welcomed us on the journey. Kabir looked at me, I looked at him and we exchanged smile. I open the window to let the drops kiss my skin. There was complete darkness in the bus. "Idiot!!" said Kabir as he wiped off the rain drops from my face. I felt loved !! He fixed his gaze and studied me closely. I felt his eyes on me. I shut the window when the rain grew intense. It felt cold. Kabir extended his shoulder in order to prevent my head from falling. I was half asleep but acted as if I was in the deepest of dreams !!( Clever me )

Unaware of my intelligence, he crossed his arms across mine, held my hand in his hand and blew a kiss on it.  A moment I wanna die for !!!!! Awwww... I was all bonkers and jubilant that I wanted to jump out of sheer joy and love( I reminded myself, I am sleeping... Shhhhhh ) but more than it, I wanted to feel him by staying calm.
His warm fingers traced my skin as he held my locks, falling on my face to tuck them behind my ears. I had never seen this part of him. I knew he was thinking something but I was busy being pampered and loved.
He tightened his grip across my arm and patted on my head. I snuggled with his touch. I so wanted to hug him that moment !!
I never wanted that journey to end....
I never wanted that night to welcome sunlight....
I never wanted the rain to stop...
I never wanted Kabir to leave......

And now... I never want myself to remember that again..... ..........


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