The city that gave me everything (part 3)

Why am I not happy than I used to be an year ago......

I was sitting at the corner of the table, eating my sandwich, checking my phone to avoid solitudeness. I sat there for a while staring at the happy faces of people having lunch together. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for a meeting I was hardly interested in, with the people I don't admire! I went to washroom, did a touch up, put on my fake smile and there I was - a perfect IT professional who was least bothered about her work. On the way to meeting room a message popped up on my phone, reading - " I am missing you so much, come soon and meet me !!" Vaishali !! "I miss u even more" replied I. Training was over, so were the good days. My entire batch was relocated either to their home town or to some unknown cities. While others who were among "A" grade performes were retained in Chennai with a trap to become team leaders for the next batch. Our trainers taught us about the various technologies but not about the war we gonna face after our relocation. I was alone in my office without any friend. I was a newbie in Gurgaon. It took me a month to adjust myself in the race of something unknown. The city was rude to me initially. People were busy running and rushing. The fear of being abducted or raped persisted in the air which otherwise was not in Chennai.
God I miss that place so much!! The strong vibration of phone broke my chain of sadness. Nothing but a reminder about the meeting after lunch. I fastened up my steps towards meeting room -4 . I was late I realised. I settled myself in the room and gave a green flag. My body and mind refuse to sync. I was physically there but my mind was lost weaving the days we spent in Chennai.
Vaishali's text was a trigger​ to my feelings which I had already burried deep inside.
I was in the same job... Same company, but with the different people in different cities. Then why am I not happy now than I used to be an year ago ??

(To be continued..........)


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