The ride with the stars and clouds.

I felt like a Queen who was ready to ride among the stars with those dense clouds to conquer the world !!

I followed Peter, as I surpassed the security check on the entrance. I was mesmerized to see the whole new world when I stepped in.
"Hurry up, come here ! This is the line to our counter", Said Peter as he held my arm and dragged me in while I was enjoying the aura of the place. He looked calm and normal but for me, this was my the first flight of my life . As I studied the place there were many counters with many beauties and handsome guys addressing people with a sweet smile.
My train of observation was abrupted by a gentle voice. "Mam can I see your ticket?" Asked a smoking handsome gentleman as he gestured his hand towards me. I fell for him that moment. "Of course yes !", I said when otherwise I wanted to shout, "ohh darling take my heart, let alone bother about a stupid ticket." (Wink)
After matching the details he gave me the boarding pass and wished me -"happy journey". Then I fastened up my step to investigate the entire huge area I was in !
The variation I saw in the people was spectacular. They were getting smart, smarter and smartest. While Peter was busy checking some hot chicks on airport (men will be men ! ) I was busy making my own experience memorable by checking out some gentlemen in those perfectly branded crisp suits. ( Why should boys have all the fun?) , Expensive outlets of food and clothing and clicking some mandatory-airport selfies with Peter. As always he took the pleasure in blabbering about the crew, aircraft, fueling system and his experience but my attention was on my looks. Out of somewhere I asked Peter , "which way to washroom?" 20 steps and turn left , he said as he directed me.
I was so enthralled that I end up entering to the men's washroom. "Aaaaaaaaaaa......" ,my piercing loud voice caught everybody's attention. "Holy shit !!! What the f*** !! I shut my eyes tight and ran as fast as possible. My faced flushed red in embarrassment. A guy came to me and said, "Happens .... It's ok,  relax !! Being a sensible girl I felt a tight slap of shame on my face. Then I washed my face thrice to bring my brain back to its original place.  I unbuttoned my denim shirt to flaunt my pink Sandow , loosen up my wavy hair, put a dab of charcoal black eye liner and complete my look with a bright pink lipstick. Now I was looking among those elites !!
"Wooww !! " , Exclaimed Peter as I made a come back. I winked at him in response.  Peter and I shared a warm bond of friendship so I was much relaxed with him.
A bus came to board all the passengers in the plane. It was an extra large , overstretched​ runway which gave me a close encounter with the plane, I had never seen before !! A beautiful air hostess greeted me with "Namaste" as I stepped into the plane. Peter allowed me the luxury to have the window seat as he sensed my childish excitement. After the demo and instructions, I fastened my seat belt and the plane was ready to take off.
That was the moment when I realised, yess!! Dreams do come true !! I was living one of my dream with one of my very good friend. What else could someone want?? I felt like a Queen who was ready to ride among the stars with those dense clouds to conquer the world !!
That night my companions were clouds and stars ... And ofcourse Peter who landed with me to home !!


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