The unforgettable calamity

 We ignored the red alert of the nature !! We were    given a hint... But Alas !! Fortune had its own mischievous tricks to play. It was coming......................... !!

Everything comes to life, when planet Earth experiences a lovely shower. The soil emitts it's true fragrance when intermingled with the heavenly drops. Leaves and flowers radiate their bold colours out of sheer happiness.
Humans like me, spread their arms, close their eyes and gaze at the sky.... Welcoming every kiss from nature on their bodies.
But that day, it wasn't the case !!

It was my first November in Chennai, November 2015 !! When as usual, I slipped in my blanket with the rain falling on my window pane. My sleep was disrupted with a frightening hustle and shivering voices of my friends and roomates.
8:23 am(IST), my phone reflected the time with a notification of "battery low" , 13% remaining !!
 No electricity since last night. As I stepped out of my room, I was amazed to see the restless and jumpy scenario.

Hell you ! How could you be sleeping with this ease till now ? Shouted one of my friend, before I could ask anyone about anything.
We are stuck !!, Please inform somebody about us.. this is gonna be fatal I am telling you, shouted another girl on my face, as she pointed out the view outside.
I was dumbstruck to see the rain water had started getting accumulated in the ground floor of our hostel. I came back with a assurance..... It's just because of the continuous rain, relax !! Water will find its way.
Sometimes few words of assurance can put somebody's nerves to rest. Everybody got indulge in their work, and so did I, ignoring the red alert of the nature !! We were given a hint... But we ignored it. It was coming !!

It was 7:00 pm by now, and the rain was still falling with the same intensity since last night. Reluctant to show any mercy on us. The water level was now arising and so were my heart beats !! It nearly blocked the entrance of our main gate.

I had already informed my family regarding the condition via friend's phone- mine was dead !! One by one everybody's phone's battery died. That day I understood the importance of a power bank and considered myself fool enough not to have it !!

10:09 pm-- we all were sitting in one room. Terrified !! Sans water, sans electricity, sans phone.  The water level was rising without any break.

The rain drops from the depth of the heaven had now imingled with the rage and was falling on us like a wrath !!!

(To be continued................)


  1. So you too are a victim of chennai floods.... well described.. :)

  2. Better Things are there.but we always find better solutions for us.

  3. So you too are a victim of chennai floods.... well described.. :)


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