A letter to my Love!

 It is not that easy as you think.....but still should I believe you? 

My Dearest Love, 
Don't be afraid if you don't find me sitting next to your bed. I will be standing next to you, once you finish reading this note. Clara, darling! Do you know something? 

You are the prettiest flower of my garden who is yet to blossom, and for that my love you have to make your roots strong and nourished!! Being a loyal Gardner I promise to protect you against all the odds of the world.

I know you feel sad when you are bound to have bed rest (I know my butterfly never wants rest). I know you feel helpless when you can’t lift your leg to kick my ass off. I too know, a bag full of medicines puts you in a world of depression and self questioning, why me??
I know you doubt my love that one day I will leave you because scientifically you are not going great with your body. I understand honey.
You are the brightest star of my galaxy, I will be nothing but blind if you disappear! Trust me!!
You have to get up from bed to do your favorite sport (kicking me).

The bakery's going to get a major setback if you stopped buying cup Cakes and  Donuts. 
Even the malls going to face recession, if you stopped rushing for clothes, shoes and bags on every 50% discounts and off season sale !!

They can’t afford to survive if their valuable customer is in pain! Come on; Spare some mercy on their business at-least!! 

For the love of the world, my love has to get up!
For once your tissues might refuse to support your disk, your muscles might pain out of inflammation abstaining you to lift your leg and wear your favorite pair of denims.
But honey, I will stand with all of my love to support you, no matter what!! Believe me, I feel you. I can feel your feelings.

Your smile will always be my sunshine on a bright sunny beach. Don’t lose hope! Believe in it!! 

You gonna make it!  WE GONNA MAKE IT!!
Clara wipes her tears as she finishes off reading the note that Derik had left under her pillow.

And the door bells rings...................................
(Ting Tong ................................................................................... ) 


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