Don't you dare to Friend zone me.....!!

Why Men don't use their brains at early stage? And When, enlightened with some age-old-wisdom by some saint of Himalayas, they still mess up in serving their point to a girl contemplating it as "Complicated" !!   

He: It’s not happening! Things are not the same way they used to be!! I am over burdened at work, haven’t spoke to you since 8 days, and you too not going well with your health. I mean, nothing is well!!

She: hmm..Yeah, I know!

He: how can you be so casual about it? What’s going on your mind Norah? Look I need to focus on my career right now! We both are 24-25 years of age. Don’t you think it’s the high time for us to make career and let’s be friendzzzzzzzz??

She: Yeah!! Let’s be “friendzzzzz” after 3 years of relationship!! Great going Sam!! Go build your career!

And *blocked*!!

You blocked him? I asked Norah after she sighed narrating the not so good conversation between Sam and her!  Yeah I did!! haahh!! Awwww, poor girl, come here, let me hug you!! Let him go to hell!! ( girl-to-girl sympathy). At times power hugs gives you the boost to face the ugliest and blurred out everything, and she started………………….
You know everything was going fine between Sam and me. He always wanted to build a dependency in work on him and now when he has got it, he is not able to handle the pressure! He hardly has any time for food, his family and now neither me!! Trust me babe, this is certainly not one of the many things I wanted from him! We have been living in 2 different cities for past 3 years but we never felt deprived of each other’s love! He is not the same anymore; he has turned into something not less than workaholic!!    
And to complete the worst scenario you know what he said to me? What? I asked in oblivion (in a very angry and demanding look, rather I have to, else she would killed me!) He Is not able to focus on because of me!! Like can you believe it? He wants to build his career; can someone go and ask him when did I stop him from doing so? I will be the happiest person rather!! Of course, he is being an idiot! I said supportingly. Look I agree, we are like 2 contrasting colors to play with, but at the end of the day we used to be there for each other! And now when the love has found his way, he is like, not happening, not happening!! Moron!!

Relax Norah! See Sam has a point! Again we are mature enough to segregate priorities from rest and by this you what I mean! Things will fall at place, don’t worry!! You both are right at your places, but I think you should give it some time to call it off!

Ok now come on, let’s go shopping, its 70% off on everything!! Really?? Norah’s eyes glittered with excitement.
(She was the same girl crying a minute before! See, how simple girls are!! They can be happiest person around if given importance and attention with love and care! Even 70%of sale can make them so happy, consider yourself lucky enough boys, at least we are not asking for diamonds (while some might, exceptions are always there.))

But before I leave, here’s a home work for my pro-active readers!! Why some irrational things have to crept between some beautiful relationships and spoil it? Why the 2 love birds cant held each other’s hand and take a step to build a stronger tomorrow!!
Boys generally have a point, but they often don’t know how to serve it to a girl!!

Comment your views in the comment section below so that my lazy girl can help her dearest friend Norah , before she starts crying again.


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