A life with wisdom is worth to live !!

Let's have a 4G connection with the lord, try leaving your worries and tensions for him, let's get soaked in his love... And you will be amazed to see how mystically he answers your unsaid prayers..!!

We will first go to KFC, then will have drinks at a bar. I heard there's a new opening near by !! Said a group of youngsters standing adjacent to me. I was standing at the metro station, waiting for an auto. A soft religious voice knocked my ear drum from behind when I was about to leave , saying "HARE KRISHNA" !! The word made me turn around to acknowledge the person. There stood a handsome guy, dressed in a check shirt and black pants with a Tilak on his forehead that was extended to his nose , with the Tulsi beads around his neck .
"HARE KRISHNA", I reciprocated the same with a tender smile.
In case you are looking for the goal of your life, or wondering the meaning of your existence... Here I have some books ..small chapters of "Bhagwat Geeta" that will answer your question. You can take it ..!! He quoted as he finished his explanation.
Umm.. really sorry.. I already have one !! I said with a remorseful expression.  No problem !! He left with a smile.

While going back hime, his words left me with a deep profound. Why would a handsome guy like him will distribute religious books at 8:30 pm on a metro station, specifically on weekend!!!!
He could have opted for a hangout with his girlfriend in some fancy restaurant, where he could dine with a wine !!
The two folks of same age group left me on the floor of contraposition.

One addressing for the goal of life in Bhagwat Geeta !
While other looking for a place to have vodka!!
Interesting !! Isn't it???
What do you think would have separated the two?? "Sanskaar" , I guess !! Being an Indian , I believe we all are brought up by our parents with the teachings that "Morals are more important than Money !!" No parent would have ever taught their child to have Rum/Scotch once they grow up ( exceptions are always there !)

We call it as our LIFE and FREEDOM ( the 2 most contemplating words of today's generation. ) When we indulge ourselves in such not-so-welcoming activities.

What do you think freedom is ?? Freedom is.... When you know the limits of your life when no one is observing. !!
Freedom is... When you free your inner self from all the grudges and regrets !!

We have one short precious life. We have this single moment to live fully, because after that we all have to give answers to that almighty once we depart from here.

What will be your answer, when he will ask.... What significant good deeds you have done as a human in your life time.?

Our breaths are limited... So is the time...we can't escape this question.. !!
Think about it.. !! And then act !!!

Wish you a happy life with wisdom !!


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