Sweet 16... But was that really sweet??

Life was simple , without any complexities. Achieving a 80+ score in maths and science used to make us among the Einstein’s of our class.

We all have lived our 16th year of age. Remember those days? According to my calculations, we would have been in class 8th 9th or may be 10th (adjust yourself in your respective class.) In case you don’t remember your “sweet 16”(that’s how we call it cynically) kindly bear some pain to open your years old photo album and have a look !! Get up !! Yeah, I am asking you to get off your ass , go in the front of the mirror (don’t forget to take the album in your hand.) Now have a deep introspective look on that photograph and then at yourself again! Yeah you got me !! Your photo doesn’t do justice to the word “sweet”. We look sophisticatedly smarter and sensibly sweeter now than we used to look years ago.

Actually, I am really looking for that wise person who titled it as “sweet”.  Like come on , who does that ?? We used to look utterly doltish in those greasy hair which were nicely combed by our parents(so that even the strongest of wind won’t dare to move a strand of our hair.) How we used to wear that boring shirt everyday paired with those high waist pants. The complete set of uniform was then adorned with the a stripped Tie( which was not less then a suicidal rope hanging around our neck in scorching summer assembly.) And for girls, it was even worse ! Skirts might sound interesting to ears but trust me, they have no right to call it a skirt rather it was a long skirt, whose length used to cross our knees( that was considered ideal for them.) Undoubtedly if allowed, our parents would have made it touch the floor, but sadly they were helpless and fortunately we were spared ! It would still have been ok, if the things would have limited to this only. But no ! How would pimples forget to make their special appearance in the weirdest corner of our bodies !! Yuck !!
And we call it SWEET ! From which angle of geometry do you think ??? Kindly elucidate!! Leave the appearance, even our doings weren’t decent enough to fall under the sweet category !! To prove you wrong, let me remind you the chapter in biology (class 9th preferably) which used to create a constant secret mumbling in the class when we used to pass that sheepish smile that used to burst into laughter when one of us was asked by the teacher  to read – “ the reproductive system of human body “ (poor fella)  but what was there to laugh? I still didn’t get it .

I precisely remember, I acknowledged the meaning of gay in class 8th , when once told by my best friend. “I have something to tell you, come here ,  shh.. promise me you won’t tell anybody ! If you are my best friend, you will keep it to yourself only!! (Tell me dude, I used to shout inside. And he being a melodramatic person used to phrase things as if he has discovered the password of Ambani’s treasure house, idiot !! )  After all the  secret glares and promises ,he finally exclaimed – “ Dumbledore is a gay. Pointing towards his latestly published photo in newspaper that quoted the same ! What does that mean? , I asked with the ugliest expression full of perplexity !!
Shhhhhh, and then he continued explaining the word. ( Don’t think I am going to give you a briefing here, dirty mind!!) And we used to be so happy, knowing the smallest of not so discussed word.

Life was simple , without any complexities. Achieving a 80+ score in maths and science used to make us among the Einstein’s of our class. No matter how idiotic we used to look in our funny yet simple school uniform, we promise to have deepest of friendship with the aspiring eyes full of goals.

May be the wise man would have gone through the same days….

May be he would have looked even more uglier than us….

May be he too would have noticed the simplicity of our stupidity and end up terming it as “sweet 16” !!

May be………. !!


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