Lets go $hopping...!!


Let everything else be under my heels,  its Shop O'clock, come lets shop ......

Hey how you doing? How’s life? And we will take a deep sigh before answering, haaaaahhhh……….yeah…its fine. How about you?
Happens?? I guess so. At least with me it does, sometimes I don’t even want to answer this question. I know you are playing cool, isn’t that enough? Why to scratch someone’s wound? Idiots!!

It’s rarest of all when people find us happy. Most of the times either we are stressed, tensed for the things we hardly have our control on, or simply afraid for the issues which don’t even hold any meaning.(I mean why to worry, when things are destined to happen!! If your boss wants to chuck you out of the office, he will!! You will get another job, what’s the fuss all about??) and if nothing works, we will end up putting our status as-”Feeling Numb!!”(Why?? Can someone ask you??) You won’t believe, the responses are even more terrific!
“Things are fine but I don’t know pal, why I am not feeling the same.”
Ohh like really? The new “I don’t know why” has become the helping verb of our generation. (Don’t act innocent; I know you do the same fuss at times.) Look there are many therapies, motivational books/audios/videos to take people out of sadness. That might work (I am not against it) but what matters the most is – YOURSELF!! YOUR WHOLE TRUE EXISTENCE.

We are magicians in ourselves, we don’t consider it, is a different thing.
If you are SAD, just get up!! Holy shit, I asked you to get up!!! Pick up your wallet, chuck your phone down and go on a shopping sphere with just yourself.
Go buy yourself those sexy pair of aviators which you have been procrastinating since last summer. Treat yourself with some scrumptious, delectable and mouth watering food that will savor your taste buds and make your tummy happy!

What if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend like me!! Still you have all the rights in the world to wear that smoking hot red Lipstick that will make the heads turn.
To be frank, even a simple Pani Puri or a sweet chubby toddler making the bubbles from his saliva in the craziest way can save you from sorrow (only if you like kids, else Pani Puri will work for you ( wink).)

Whatever hits you,fits you! Be it be anything! Simple!!

So darlings, nutshell is:
You are on a shopping sphere with the best possible person, who won’t judge you; neither deceives you, nor will bitch about you even if you end up buying the ridiculous wallpaper for your room.
What else you want??
Just feel it………… you are with yourself and that only matters.
So be happy, don’t wait for any person or situation to make you so !


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