We always loose in an Emotional Game!

Surely there would have been some fault in our upbringing that today you are arguing like this with us!!

What century do you think we are living in? 21st I guess! But the mindset of the people specifically our Parents resembles that of late 90's. Some who are reading this, and urging to differ with my views, Trust me dude you are the fortunate one!
I know you dissent from my point, but before that let me have the privilege to orchestrate my notions on it. So here I go!!

Point 1 : NO!! You are not allowed to serve your emotions raw to your parents before contemplating them. Some of us have even tried this. Still if you think you are daring enough to take a step and prove me wrong, then stage is all yours! Go try at your own risk. (Don’t forget to share the consequences with me later.)

Point 2: No matter how old are you, they will always be older than you !!
Dad I want to go for interior designing. Designing? You have no idea what life is all about in coming years.
These fancy things attract till a certain age, better find a secure job. Go prepare for MBA instead, else who’s going to give you his daughter like this. Stop wasting time and concentrate!!
And in case if you happen to be a girl, then my Barbie doll, I feel pity for you( for us rather) because Banking and teaching are the only safest zone on the planet earth and further if you manage to get a govt. job in these sectors then voila !! Half of the Purpose of Your life is solved.

Point 3 : The perfect  Obedient child award goes to………………..
If you are doing of what you have been directed  to do by your parents with the lowest pitch of voice and hardly creating any thunder of thoughts then my love, Congratulations and celebrations!! You will be awarded with the Shri Shri Padma Bhushan award for your lifetime Obedience and Innocence towards the family and by family I mean the Entire family( extended as well.)!!

And if you dare to differ with their opinions then:

You have disappointed us !
You all think we are growing old like this only, as if we haven’t seen the world! Or only you have had some connections with Columbus that you know what’s trending!

Don’t come to me when it’s all messy in the end!!

Last but not the least…………….. Surely there would have been some fault in our upbringing that today you are arguing like this with us!!

You will come to know when you will be a parent one day.

And god knows what alone!!!!!!!

I think sometimes Parents need to sit and understand and believe their child, whether they are talking about marriage proposals, or getting some degree or simply taking a Mac aalu tikki burger over green leafy vegetable!! Because it’s not always us who are entitled to attract turmoil. Sometimes it can be our parents too!!(But they are clever enough to hide it, you know!)
We all are humans, and we can be wrong at times irrespective of our age, gender or even experiences.
Point is…… Accept it!!

Though they always want the premier of things to happen to us, but then again…..in the end we all are humans…. Aren’t we ?


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