A come back!

Hi! To be honest in the very first place let me tell you that today I have no agenda or gossip to share with you. But frankly speaking, all this time when I was lost, I missed myself and by myself, I mean "you"! I don't know whether my absence was felt by you or not but perhaps I also know that there are people or I should say great people in your life to entertain you but somewhere sometime I thought, I felt incomplete, as if a major part of myself was being lost, and by myself I mean...you!

Each day I remembered you in your own weird manner. Whenever I see something,  thoughts remind me of you and by you I mean myself! Each time I decide to write to you, procrastination has its spell on me.
I missed you every day, I missed you every night, I missed your comments and the controversial fights. I had nobody to push me by saying......
"keep going, we need more of you. " nothing prevailed but the deep silence. I know you have forgotten me this summer but again I am back with a promise that I will revive myself this winter like a phoenix and by myself I mean you and by you I mean myself!! 

Wherever I go, whatever I do, what so ever I feel, at the end of the day my heart screams to share it with you, because you were my constant through my light and dark.

I would be wrong if I contemplate "us" as 2 different beings,  because by you... I mean myself and by myself...  I mean you!! 

By you....I mean my Blog! And by me...I mean myself!! 

By you... I mean my lovely readers! And by me...  I mean myself. 

And by ME and U.....  I mean US!!!  :) 


  1. Welcm bck...
    And keep posting..

    1. Thnk u so much. I will keep posting if you keep reading :)


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