Life @ I.T( phase 1)

Did you just said I. T?   HUH? 

Okay,  come let's sit! Let me tell you the scenario today in detail, that what actually happens. If we put a glance over it from the very scratch ( seems like I am narrating a email to you, I know, see...  Happens! ) long before Shakespeare told us that life is divided into phases . When I started working I was shown how!

 Phase 1: whenever we meet someone or whenever we cross that particular lane on which our dream building is constructed,  then deep down inside,  peeping through the window of the car,  we look at that building with the eyes full of aspirations and goals. We start weaving dreams!  Dreams that take us to the world where we fantasize that how things would have been if I too was a little part of that big thing!
Then we promise our selves that one fine day we gonna make it.

Many of us like me,  start working our ass off in order to get into that multi national,  multi story IT company!
Then one fine day,  when our stars fall at right place and when destiny and our hard work conspires together, we get our offer letters!  True?  Yeah I know you are nodding your head. So it's OK!
Then we start hunting people who are working in the same or similar company to get the answers of our weirdest possible questions,  because we are excited,  come on,  don't ruin that!
Ohh please tell me,  what will be our package?  What are the transfer options? OMG,  what will be the shift timings?  Tools and technology?  But to be honest (with a puppy face)  I don't have any interest in coding as such, I am just going for an experience! Then food, boss, growth, promotions and blah blah blah..  Till the person urges to leave!

If you don't know anything,  you will be shown, like that arched eyebrow of the cunning aunty who when meets you will say.... Umm...... IT....?!!!  ;)


  1. Amazing yr.......😙😙
    keep it on.👍👍


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