Life @ I.T (phase 2)

Monday? No way! I have my office to do dude!! 

Now that you have read the phase 1( which was small I agree) it's time for the 2nd phase. But before that,  I wanna tell you something. Actually above all,  if you see it from a distance, and by distance I mean quite a distance,  I.T industry is basically for two types of people.
Firstly, the people who love screens!  The ones who always want to glue spectacles to their face and their ass with the chair( and later suffer with Cervical and back ache disorders.) and then work to a stretch of 10 to 11 hours per day with a mug of coffee. Initially it sounds fancy,  but then it's not!

Secondly this is for the people who loves traveling.  Put your hand on your heart and remember your college days when you used to think that you gonna live in a  different city thousands miles apart from your home,  when you gonna clean your utensils and wash your clothes own your own and later tag it as "Freedom" on Facebook and Instagram.  Right? Damn,  you are smiling I know,  just say it man!
So I think now I am getting a bit off track,  but there comes a time when we get our joinings to the different corners of India and when we are all set to leave our town and people and we can feel the song "Baabul ki duaaein Leti jaa" playing in the background of our hearts . For further clarity let me tell you, it's a very famous old sad song of Indian cinema which used to get played in the marriages of 90s.
Because we are so enthralled and scared at the same to grab this fresh opportunity.  We know we are doubtful that whether we gonna make it or not but still we want to try.  See,  how adventurous we are!
8:30am, Monday morning (joining/important meetings are basically on Mondays)  and we are all ready in our suited booted attire to conqueror the world.
On the very first day of our job,  we will enter the gaint company more like a CEO but then again, deep inside only we know that there is some part of us crying and asking for the way to washroom.
We are nervous, but we won't reflect it.  Hell Yeah!!
Then we will get charmed by the well designed infrastructure, modern chairs, a huge cafeteria which will set our mind into the thoughts of gratitude that nothing could be better than this!  I have been blessed with more than I even deserve and on the top of it,  final thoughts to clear all our doubts Will be like....
Now I  have got a big hit after my college and my life is finally settled (which is never gonna be.)

For the phase 1,  please hit the below link :
Life @I.T (phase 1)


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