Life @ I.T(phase 3)

Like nobody in my house ever appreciated my Maggie even, then these people gonna pay me?? Like really?? 

Now that we have successfully launched ourselves in the huge brand, we refuse to look back! Now our day starts with the alarm which snooze after every 15 mins to 8 am. Every time we step into our office, we suddenly start feeling fortunate enough for our existence. We start framing goals. We start imagining life three years from now while we are completely clueless about our next session. We set ourselves free in the sky as we have new wings attached to us.

You know something, the initial stage of everything is dearest of all! Whether it's your girlfriend or your new Car or your marriage or anything in the world. Then this was our job! Rather I should say, our very first job. How can we be not happy at that time? But then we forgot that nothing remains same forever. Everything looses it's spark after a while.
Let's come to a real scenario. In the very initial weeks you will find us taking as many hash tag selfies as possible in every corner of the office! Then we will finish our typical 9 to 6 schedule, hangout with our friends and don't be surprised if you find us in the grocery store checking the rates of salt and sugar and discussing it over the phone with our mothers! I mean come on,  we are the daddy's Princess and the momma's boy how can you expect us  to know the rates of all these stuffs? But my darlings, time teaches everything! Later you will find us bargaining with the vegetable seller over the price of half kg of onions.  OK now quickly stepping ahead from vegetable stores, we will go to our Pg,  discuss Shit with our roommates and then end up calling our girlfriends or boyfriends or our mothers(mostly).

And to add to your amusement, we will discuss everything on call! From eating cheese corn sandwich in the lunch to Java J2E session( even if the person on the other side of the phone have no technical background but still we will tell him that I was not able to understand the function call in the line number 187 in today's session.  Damn!!)
While the person on the other hand wants to peep out of the phone and slap the idiot but ends up saying....  Hmm happens ( in a low and not so interested voice.)

Things flow in a cynical way.  Days passed into weeks and weeks finally into month end. Let me tell you that before this job, we never knew the significance of month end!
Like nobody in my house ever appreciated my Maggie even, then these people gonna pay me?? Like really?? With the tears in my eyes,  I thought to myself that only these people knows my worth. Hahhhhh!! (sigh)

Then comes the time when we start making list and the list is actually larger than the salary we gonna get! But again to remind you, this was our first salary!

No matter, how many bucks they were.
No matter if they didn't fetch us a splendid dinner in a 5 star hotel to celebrate. But surely those limited bucks fetched us the infinite happiness and the self confidence that yes....  One day I will add even more zeros at the end of it.

The salary that gave us tears....
The salary that gave us hope(that we are still not miserable. )
The salary that gave us a reason to celebrate..
Because the salary was our 1st salary of the life!!

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