Deadly Water(Unforgettable Calamity)

The water engulfed everything! Our ground floor, entrance and now half of the staircase. I threw my hands in my hair and I gave up on situation. 

I twisted and turn in my own discomfort. Sleep was not able to find me. Neither of us(Vaishali and I) were able to fall asleep(like how can someone sleep with an albatross hanging around their neck?). I got up, stood at my balcony again to measure the depth of the water.  Hold on, Vaishali look, there’s something in the water! We didn’t had any torch but mere assumptions. “Relax dude, no one will dare to enter in our hostel, at least not at this point of time. The grass nearby would have invited some insects that might be having their pool party together. Come, let’s get inside!” said Vaishali. I gave her a disgusting look and we both laughed. The moment we were folding our bed sheet, we heard another sudden jump in the water, followed by a loud cracking sound. This time, it made Vaishali curious too. When this continued, it was clear that even frogs are too invited in the party.

When I entered my room, the rain started again, but this time it made me hungry than terrified. I hadn’t had anything since morning. My hunger pangs were growling loudly. “Vaishali, I am hungry. Do you have something to eat?”, I murmured in my lowest possible voice. “might be some biscuits which you don’t like, wanna have some? “, she said in an optional tone.
“yeah I won’t mind. “, said I as I literally snatched the packet from her. I don’t know when I fall asleep while waiting for sunshine to knock my door. The suffocation in the room and the sweat in my hair, woke me up. My curiosity pushed me towards balcony. My. Mouth fell on the ground, and my feet lost their gravity when I saw the view.
Our washing machine on the ground floor was now floating in water. The entrance gate of our hostel was submerged completely in water. And to add more trauma to it, the separating wall at the back of our hostel had developed a huge crack which made the half of the wall to fall down. I screamed at the top of my lungs and woke up everybody. The view left everyone speechless and astonished.
Gunjan, Vaishali and I made a quick decision to switch off the electricity mains and connection in order to avoid any incidents. But the nature didn’t spare us the luxury to do that as well. As we were stepping down to get the essentials from the kitchen, my heart sank completely when I saw even the refrigerator was drowned in water. Water had now entered inside the rooms on ground floor. Utensils, spices which were kept down were seen floating in water, followed by the pungent smell that made me feel like puke.

 I climbed the stairs again and rushed towards my room. Vaishali and Gunjan decided to March ahead. They gathered whatever they could. Some rice(which were kept in the cupboards on the wall and were saved), 2 bottles of drinking water, 1 small cylinder, stove, some veggies(precisely onions and tomatoes).
The water engulfed everything! Our ground floor, entrance and now half of the staircase. I threw my hands in my hair and I gave up on situation. We 3 looked at each other with the questioning eyes.
What If the rain starts again?
What If the water level reaches the 1st floor as well? Where will we keep our laptops, documents and belongings? And on the top of it, where will we hide ourselves?
What If we die?

I never felt so helpless in my entire life before!
I never encountered such a fear before.
And I was never the same before.......!

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