November Night(unforgettable calamity)

A hope to escape out of this place and to see our families again. A hope to fulfill the dreams we dreamed of.
A hope to live again!

I clearly remember Room No 11 it was. That night near about 10:20pm (IST) we all were sitting in a room clinging to one another. 30 pair of frightened sleepless eyes with a clueless mind and hearts beating with the same pace and with the same question, “what will happen now?”
The entire room was filled with the silence of graveyard. I know its hard to believe, 30 girls in a room with the pin drop silence(historic moment, see!). No inverter, no emergency lights but some week sleek small candles were all we had, which were the left overs of the Diwali that we celebrated previous month. We lit a candle outside our room and one inside to see each other’s face in the dark night. I was sitting in the middle of my group, holding Vaishali’s arm tightly with my head stitched to her shoulder. I was the most frightened soul in the entire group.

The lightening in the sky became even more intense, like the clouds fighting with the swords. The thunder made me shrank further in my place. Vaishali sensed my fear and laughed loudly. Her sudden weird reaction made me think, whether she has lost her senses because of the rising water level, and as soon as I could interpret anything, her words made me even more angry.
“Don’t worry chubby, we will be fine, we will all die at max, nothing worse than this can happen. So just relax! (like how can someone just relax after listening to such absurd and negative words that also at such a crucial time!!) The word “death” was strong enough to give a hard punch in my torso and goosebumps on my body. Who thinks about death in their early twenties? Hell, there was so much to do, how can we die like this? No no, why are we are we even thinking about it? Everything’s going to get fine, I said to myself with a heavy breath. The thought shook me to the core!
“Look, rain will be over till morning and things will be back to normal soon. The water level will be decreased, nothing to fuss about. It’s just we need to bear this night together and pray that tomorrow the day brings some light and hope for us all. “ said Gunjan in her affirmative voice.
I think she is right. We can’t do anything right now, we have to wait for the day and then plan accordingly. Let’s not get hyper. We need to calm down and think. I nodded on agreement and gave a dirty look to Vaishali. Other than the continuous rain, darkness and fear we had some other battles to win as well.

Stagnant water invited mosquitoes and the absence of fan and electricity gave them strength to bite us miserably. The climate was humid and wet. The air around us was full of tension and fear. We had limited water and almost negligible food. The owner of our hostel refused to take our calls and had left us to die alone. Unaware of the time that moment, it would have been probably around 11pm, when we all decided to sleep for a while in what so ever condition we were. I stepped out of the  room to gasp some air, if possible.

I stood there in balcony inspecting the entire situation and the view was horrible. The water was shinning from the light nearby. I felt like I was on an isolated island with the trouble all around.
How should we get out of this place? And even if we are able to escape somehow, where will we go? We don’t have anybody in this city. And what if the situation is even more worse outside this? These questions came to me like a storm and I didn’t had answers to any of it.

Irrespective of the possibilities of the situation, I recalled the good times of my life. The promises I made to myself, my family waiting for me at home. Vaishali was standing beside me silently when I was struggling with my thoughts. She kept her hand on my shoulder to assure me and I broke in her arms. “This could certainly not be the end”, I said as she rubbed my back. We spread a bed sheet in our small balcony and lay down there silently. The rain was now almost slow. Our gaze was fixed on the sky. Fears , tears and mosquitoes were our companion that night. The night seems like a never ending time to pass.

We had no relatives there, no extended family or a family member or any friend who can help us out from this wrath.

Thousands miles away from our homes, somewhere in the bottom of the Indian political map, we were in a town sitting in a corner of a room with nothing but mere a hope to survive till tomorrow.

A hope to escape out of this place and to see our families again. A hope to fulfill the dreams we dreamed of.
A hope to live again!

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  1. Nicely narrated keep up the gud work🤘

  2. Well written thoughts and what a horrible story it was.... which city was it n when?

  3. Is it based on true story ??


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