I Found the Happiness in an Auto Rickshaw!

I had everything that day (I mean I still have today) yet I felt so deprived in front of them!

I was in my car that day while returning to home from my office. I opened the window to let the wind play with my hair and make me calm enough to plan the things further. Meanwhile I asked my driver to slow down the volume of the songs which were playing in the background as I was hardly interested in listening to anything except silence. I comfortably glide in the back seat of my car but what I saw next was strong enough to gave me food for thought.

When I was peeping out through the window, I saw an auto rickshaw(not in a very good condition) packed with the people who had little money.( I don’t want to use the word “POOR” here as it has a heavy meaning). At the back of the auto rickshaw, sits a family of 3 people.
 A middle aged couple and their young daughter. I looked at them with all the possibilities at the red light. They were lean and skinny as if they never had the luxury to get fat over their bodies. The man wore a white kurta and Dhoti(the traditional or I should say the cheapest outfit of a farmer commonly seen in the north India) which now had turned into Grey colour because of the obvious hard work he might be doing throughout the day to earn his bread and butter.

The lady was wearing an age old saree (which I think she might have got years back on her marriage.). The little kid was wearing an oversized dress that might have belong to some her elder sibling.
The red light was over but the heavy traffic allowed us to drive parallel to each other. I don’t know what made me curious enough but by this time I was literally staring at them.

The road was under maintenance so it had lots of potholes on it. But I was surprised to see that with every jerk we got on our way, the family seems to become even more happier. Their reaction left me perplexed!
While my driver complained about the government, traffic and the people with the agitated faces, the family seems to enjoy the ride of those ups and downs. As of they were playing some game on the road. Their faces sparkled with the sense of contentment.

My car surpassed the auto rickshaw but my mind was still stuck there, on their happy faces.

I was sitting in my luxurious car with a clueless face and every possible comfort.
I had everything that day (I mean I still have today) yet I felt so deprived in front of them!

While they have nothing but seem to have everything they ever want.

Peace in their mind, patience in their hearts and persistence which they believe to carry till their last breaths!

My driver parked the car and I was now home while I left my mind on the highway with that auto rickshaw!!


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