OMG, What's inside her bag??

What else do you expect a girl to carry in her bag other than some lipsticks, liners, creams and pads?? Isn’t it OK??

I wouldn’t have written this blog today if I hadn’t encountered a situation which left me agitated and unheard and sad. So I thought why not try changing opinions by my words. Being a girl in India is a challenge in itself.

Our fight starts the moment our gender is sonographed and revealed to the family. We are not asked if we want to survive and see this world, rather we are taken as option if our families want us or not. Ever heard a baby boy being aborted regardless of some complications? No right?? Yeah because they are not supposed to! And if you are lucky enough to born and accepted as a girl, then your struggle doesn’t end here. The film is yet to be shown. Things go smooth till we hit our puberty. Every single person who is born, be it a male or a female undergo certain physical mental emotional and Ofcourse hormonal changes in their body, but it’s always the later one who is the sufferer. I know I may sound like a typical biological teacher of class 8th or 9th but trust me, it’s not that boring either, I have a better point to discuss about.

Girls are supposed to miss their swimming classes, gym, are refrained from pilgrims, kitchen and sometimes even the houses during their “those days”. Now those days is phonetically used code word for the much hyped topic in our society I. E “PERIODS  "

Yes, now some of you might consider it as a completely shameless act to discuss about this topic on a such a platform but I being a girl take pride, and held my chin up to reveal a part that completes me and every other girl on this planet earth. The entire world is living in 2018 and still, till date we have build some obnoxious yet unacceptable and futile notions and concept about periods. Like for an instance, let me have the privilege to unveil the truth behind the statements we have been following blindly:

Guys are not allowed to explore a girl’s bag : agree. But why only guys? As a matter of fact one should not touch anyone’s private belongings sans their consents. And what earth shattering difference does it create if a guy happens to see a sanitary pad or a tampon in a girl’s bag. How does it even bother? Isn’t it a biological yet very normal and phenomenal and unavoidable process for a girl’s body to undergo periods every single month. What’s there to roll your eyes about it? Can you help it? No! Can you avoid it? No! Then go mind your own shit. What else do you expect a girl to carry in her bag other than some lipsticks, liners, creams and pads?? Isn’t it OK??

We are Not allowed in pilgrims : OK, now it’s our fault to be born as a girl. Tell me something, who likes to bleed for couple of days that too every month and continue this for the rest 40 years of their lives till they achieve their menopause age!! As a female our body was designed with some nasty set of hormones that creates a mess every time they feel like and it is not in our control either. Why the blood flowing out makes us untouchable and separate us from rest of the society? Why we are given sympathy in our those days while we deserve the compassion and respect to carry it out with grace? We never ask God for such things but a peaceful life to live like rest of all.

The hush hush moment : girls in some towns bunk their schools, classes tuitions and cage themselves in their rooms in order to avoid the Embarrassment in case their clothes are stained with blood, because they know, inspite of helping, people will mock at them and look at them with those disgusting eyes. Why? Why are we not teaching our boys how to help our girls and make them live with respect while we are doing completely opposite of it.

Why we always have to murmur in our colleague's ear in some insane code language asking for a pad at the time of the need.?? Like why??

I feel bad, like really bad when we are looked down with such pair of eyes.

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi might launch programs and ask people to help him in achieving clean India goals but he forgot to tell people that before we need to clean a country, we need to clean our minds.

We need to clean our notions and judgements and preconceived thoughts to shed the walls of disrespect and disbelieves  in order to attain a better life in a better country.

Think about it wisely the next time you pass a nasty smile over a girl’s condition. You don’t have a right to do that!!

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