Accept It and It Is Solved!

Got a Problem? Let's solve it! 

Now today this blog is for everyone of any age and gender across the world as the agenda behind my discussion is mutual to all. While reading this piece of my writing sincerely tell me that how often do we put our heads in our hands in despair thinking rather criticing, that "Why this has happened to me?", "What did I do wrong?",  "What was my fault?","Why happiness is annoyed and have forgotten my address?"

We get hurt and then we cry, WHY? When rather we should ask "How?". I encountered a problem, fine. But now HOW should I figure it out? What's the next step?, should be the potential approach!
Its life, get this thing very clear!
Dont expect a rainbow each day!
You should be ready to adjust yourself in all the weathers of life. Be it be the messy Rains, scorching Summers, pleasant Spring or the harsh Winters.

ACCEPT AND ADAPT is the key to survival! 

Everyone's life is full of potholes and assholes. Yet we have to survive. Problems will come, you can't avoid them. But you can always find a way out of it.

Major Solution :
Each time a situation knocks your door(which eventually will, sooner or later), Welcome it!
Welcome that situation in your life like you welcome your favorite guest.
Now without making any sour faces towards it, ACCEPT IT!!
Accept the fact that it's a temporary guest which will soon leave your apartment. Relax!

Get a Pen and a Paper : As I always say, writing things down makes them easy.
Make a flow chart and draw your thoughts accordingly.
Got a Problem? - >Yes! - >So, whats next?? - >wanna cry? - > NO - > what to do next?

Got a problem? - > No. - > Then relax!

After each step ask yourself, What's Next? What after this?
Fine I accept its a problem, I gotta do something with this but what should I do? What's the next step?
Write that step down on the paper and see if it solves your problem. If yes, tear that paper and dump it off. Case solved!

If not, then what's next? Step after step poke your mind with this sentence, till you find your solution.
Makes sense? Isn't it?

Look, people won't change nor will the problems. Nasty things grow up time after time. You can't control everything!
You can only take the charge of yourself. So better train yourself so well and so good that nothing could really waver you.

Ladies and gentlemen, accept the situations in your life. They are a part of your life. Half of your problem is sorted when you accept it. And rest of the other half is sorted when you adapt accordingly.

Be flexible in your approach and nature because Rigid things break easily.

Some great person has rightly said, "You can't calm the storm. 
Stop trying. 
Calm yourself instead. And the storm will pass."

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