The dilemma we often face

Be vigilant. Be skilled and so flat-out-fantastic that your talent can't be dismissed.

Today I have something very relative for you in my bucket to share.
But before that honestly tell me ,how often do you feel that something is missing in your lives when other ways you have plenty other things which one must be grateful for.
How often do you feel that you are not interested in your jobs. How often do you feel to escape this world and find a better level to survive. How often do you feel that you are not able to climb high inspite of the several attempts.

I somewhere think that I have answers to your questions but again before telling you about any of the solutions to above problems, let me clear you that I am by no means any inspirational speaker or some high tech guru or saint with a magic wand which claims to make your lives better. No no no !
I can't do that. Rather nobody can't except you.
You have to use your own magic wand to make your life better. You all have the power. I can only tell you how to use that !

> Put first thing first- 
Early in the morning, you don't necessarily need to attend a fancy yoga or meditation session or strain your muscles in the gym( but if you can it's pretty good, keep doing.) But for the lazy people like me, the first thing to start your day of is with packing your bed. Recycle it. It's the very first message you are giving to the people around and to the universe that yes, you are ready for the bundle of work on your checklist and in no time you will pack and settle them aside. Mess will no longer persist.

>Show up - 
After getting ready ,it's not necessarily important that you may feel that your job is fulfilling you in every aspect. There might be days where you just might be bored.
Other days you might not even feel like to go to work at all.
Fight the clouds of procastination and disbelieves with a strong smile.


Your job is not who you are, it's just who you are on the way to who you will be !

Go. Hustle.

Be vigilant. Be skilled and so flat-out-fantastic that your talent can't be dismissed.

>A list always help-
Make a checklist of anything and everything that's on your mind. Be it be your groceries, courses you wanna enroll,trips you wanna take, or habits you wanna cultivate.
A checklist never hurts.

Work on yourself. Be so much filled with yourself that you are always overwhelming and over brimming to give to others.

History is still being written. This moment in time is your time to rise. 7 billion people on this planet and here you are , ready to write the history.

Show up. Do the work. Get your hands dirty. Always be proud of what you are today and what you were 20years back. It was always you !

Situations will come, problems will knock again, you may also fumble. Don't worry, get up again. PEREIST against all the harsh wind of adversities with the belief that you will land in some bigger picture someday.


  1. And trust me Organizations feed on this attitude of ours.
    They think we wont leave, we will come back the next day.
    Life is too short to be persistent.
    Move ahead or be ready to be left back.


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