It's Always OKAY To Let Go.

Say, "It's OK." even when you do not want to say. It will make you feel lighter only.
Let the things go. Let them flow. Letting go things is important!

We all have our days. We all have our clocks, which alarms us at our own time. For some the alarm has to ring at 5 in the morning, for some it has to be 10, for some it has to be 12 and so on. This alarm which I am talking about today is our patience alarm in life. We all have our level of patience to tolerate a situation or a person to a limit and once that patience hits it's threshold, then it's a blast!

Has any of you ever attended any self grooming or self awakening sessions of any respectful person or group? If YES, then you might be knowing that their teachings have one thing in common. And that thing is FORGIVENESS !
Now please don't judge my blog as some spiritual corner where you can bow your head and seek for guidance. No no. It's just I am quoting some very general scenarios which everyone can relate with. So take it easy.

Today majority of the people are living away from their house or town or even countries for some desirable job. We have our family outside our family. And that family comprises of our roomates, flatmates, office colleagues, Managers, our Cab companions. The ones we encounter every day. Kindaa family right?
Now some of you might be raising your eye brow in suspect and jerking your head with a disagreement thinking that, "spare me. Such a set of annoying stubborn rats can't be a part of my family.

Problem today is : The above set of listed people are inevitable and will be present anywhere and everywhere you go. They can be the nicest people on the earth or a continuous pain in one's ass depending upon your luck. They can make you feel so grateful for their existence in your lives and the same can never fail to make the place hell out for us to live in.
So basically the state of your happiness is getting impacted by the type of others behavior.

Belive me or not, today 90% of the problems are because of other people. However we want the people to be exactly like us. They should bitch about the same person as we do. They should maintain the same room settings as we do. They should think, eat, sleep,talk and even poop like us.
In short we want to be surrounded by the copies of ourselves. MUCH LIKE US! Which again is not possible.

Solution to above : To be very frank, it's not less than a challenge to deal with the people who are in complete contrast with us. (by now I know you will be nodding your head in agreement.Well thanks for that.)
So in order to deal with them, we first need to deal with ourselves.

Here's a quick tip for it :

DO NOT REACT : Whenever you feel the opponent is becoming a trouble for you and you are feeling a sudden rush to punch him on his face and break his leg and open your mouth to say all the possible trash for him, STOP BEFORE THAT!!

No matter how annoying things the other person may do or say. Do not react at that moment. Shut your eyes and sit back somewhere with a glass of water. Gulp it down slowly.
It is not written in any rulebook that you have to REACT to every scenario.

You will end up burning your hand if you are messing up with hot water. Let it calm down first and then handle it.

OK by this I remember, tell me something, have you ever been to a beach?
Yes? Amazing!
No? It's OK!
If you ever observe, "N" number of people come and go to the beach. Some of them throw stones, garbage,vomit out their anger and pain while some sit quietly by the shore. Irrespective of the different people,  weather and situations, the sea still remains calm.
Interesting! Isn't it? Now ask me why and how?
Because it has a huge, deep, gaint base ground which remains unaffected inspite of everything.
These small stones, garbage, yelling, frustrations doesnt seem to disturb it. It still remains in its best possible state which eventually end up making us calm as well.
That's why we always feel better when we sit on the sea shore.

But to have harmony in life, it's your turn to be the sea you want to sit by and relax.

Don't ever expect people to behave like you want them to behave. They will do the opposite.
Forgive them for their wrongs anyway.
Holding Grudges won't help.

Say, "It's OK." even when you do want to say. It will make you feel lighter only.
Let the things go. Let them flow. Letting go things is important!

Trust me it's a very small life. Maybe you don't get the second chance to say sorry to the same person again. Say it anyway!

Don't hold back yourself when saying good words to others. But think twice and thrice before hurting them with the same.

You can't change anyone but yourself. Better don't try!
You can't blame anyone but yourself for your decision.
Take the responsibility.
Ladies and gentlemen you can't depend on anyone, it's your life. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT LARGE BY TAKING THE CHARGE.

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