Togetherness brings Happiness.

Value the people who value you. Give them your best gift. Replace your money with your time, and you will see how your world blossoms.

Many of the times we are rushing towards the wrong to get the right things done. We are always in an unstoppable race which most of the times we don't even know why and what we are running for. We are always on our toes rushing and running to get things done.
Everyone wants to own a Ferrari, everyone wants to have a royal destination wedding, everyone wants to live in a thousand acre property. Everyone yeilds to have international trips in their private jets, if not private jets then no less than business class at least.
Now some of you might think, Whats wrong if we want it? And even what's wrong if some of us already have it?
But then I say its absolutely fantastic if you already have it. Go enjoy the luxury! But then again it's also equally fine not to have any of the above. It doesn't even matter.

We often say, we need to raise our standards of living. True, I say! But in what prospective - I ask?

Today we have everything except values!

Our bank account is flooded with million dollars but no one to spend on, except ourselves!

We have high profile contacts on our speed dails but no one to talk our heart out!

We have reasons to smile but no one to accompany for a laughter!

We have our entire world in our parties but no one to sit beside us in ICU!

We may have our wardrobe stuffed with the rarest pricest brands but stealing your elder brother's T-shirt has a different level of happiness .

We may own a very posh thousand acre property but having a dinner together of that simple "Daal-Roti" while watching the News Channel with your family in a single room offers a different satisfaction.

If you can drive a Bentley while wearing a Rolex to some acquisitive place, then my darling God Bless You. But if you are simply running to own these things in order to raise your standards then I am sorry for you!
I am sorry because in the end its not the standard of our living that matters but the standard of our life that counts !!

Increase the level of your humbleness. Be kind. Inspite of feeling bad about the poverty in India and putting its pictures on Instagram, do something if you can!
Go make a difference. It would be rather appreciated!

Small things count. Make them count. And as the saying goes, "Be the change you want to see around."
Take initiatives!
Be spiritually awake. It's never out of trend.

Value the people who value you. Give them your best gift. Replace your money with your time, and you will see how your world blossoms.


  1. Well done Anu....simpl s amazing blog and I would say everyone should read this...

  2. It's really amazing nd i really like ur blogs nd they inspired me lots.🤗🤗🤗🤗


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