Resume on Sale in California?!

Work is worship, But then it takes time to perform the ritual

I had a very delicious fruit cake an hour before leaving the office which left me with some good taste and thoughts altogether.

[ Tip of the day: Good food leaves you with good thoughts. Choose it wisely. It helps!]

As the clock stuck 6 p.m. (IST), I packed my stuff and rushed to find my cab. I tuck in the seat belt and before i could say something, my driver started the radio before he started the car. He changed channels after channels in the quest of good music with less commercials(that's the main agenda I guess.) 
Tired by the day,I shut my eyes and let the music strike into my ears effortlessly till something got my attention and woke me up. What I heard next left me with all smiles and baffled thoughts. 

A 26 year homeless and jobless  guy in California who was said to be software developer was found selling his resume on the road to the random people. If that would have been the case, it would have been easier to digest. But what happened afterwards was even more astonishing. Within 15 days of this activity, this guy got more than 200 job offers. And I was like...Is that really happening? I mean look at us, here we are sitting and updating our LinkedIn profiles and waiting for some company to show some interest in our resume and what we get?

It might sound funny and weird but imagine what pressure and tension that guy would have went through sans home, sans money, sans job but certainly not without hopes and ideas and thoughts to change his tomorrow. And if I try to knock some sense out of this incidence then it's all because we have become so over passionate that being in early 20's feels like we need to achieve as much as possible in the next 5 to 6 years. That we are always approaching towards the deadline of our success. Like I don't know who was the one to start with this fundamental practice of setting age bars for getting job, getting married, and then of course getting pregnant and what not. These things piss me off to a limit. And if you fail to adjust the graph of your life among the following age bars then either there's a problem with you or your stars are not in your favor or you are simply good for nothing.

What extra ordinary medal have we achieved by getting a job in our early 20's. Or what crime record does it sets against the one who takes a bit long to study their interests and passion and then land for a job after 30's.
Worst case scenario: It can call for financial crisis but nothing worse than that.

Relax if you are 29 or 30 and still haven't got the right kick in your life. (now don't literally relax and put your lazy ass in the bed. Like no! Do something about it without creating panic.)

There is no defined time line for success. It may come to you in a fortnight or it may take years. It's always your time.
It's always your decision. Take your time to shine with utmost brightness. 

Hustle. But don't Run!
Think. But don't get pressurized.

It WAS always OKAY and it IS still OKAY to give yourself the best of the time to bring the best out of you. 


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