Your Imperfections makes you unique.

Just relax, breathe. And those who don't let you breathe, choke them up too. You don't have to be a Saint every time. 

Right from the moment we are born, we are judged and compared and rated on the basis of our caste, color, height, weight, behavior, character, skills and what not.
Now that we are grown ups, we can focus on our skills because that's a major concern in today's scenario.

We want everything around us to be perfect. Perfect neighbors, perfect son, perfect wife, perfect job, perfect house, perfect employees.
But before making any attempts towards being perfect, tell me something, who sets these standards for you to be the one?
Was that you? No!!
Was that your spouse? No!
Was that your manager? No!
Was that the other person? Ahh, Yes!

90% of the problems that evolve and encircle our lives are because of that "OTHER PERSON" with whom you are not even concerned.

You are not a "A" band performer. Look at your colleague. He is so blah blah blah.

You are not a perfect daughter. Look at the kids of Mrs. Sharma. They are so blah blah blah blah.

You are not a perfect wife. Why can't you handle work life balance? Look at Ms. Sindhwani. She is so blah blah blah.

Now I have put blah blah inspite of any adjectives because I know it pains a lot to hear someone's else praise at the cost of your criticism. So let that blah blah be.

Shit happens right? Very often we tend to hear such unpleasant, rude and sarcastic words which burns us to the core.

Some awkward times, the other person with whom we are compared and judged in our respective roles and responsibilities may not even have the basic etiquette.

That other person can also be an asshole in the area where you are the claimed master. Never judge or compare yourself with some other fool no matter how sensibility intelligent he is.

You can always learn from the people around you but don't take them so seriously that you end up loosing your own charismatic charm and worth. As the lame cliche goes, that each one of us has a unique quality to endorse. Don't let it be hidden for more than required. Show up.

Acquire skills. But before acquiring any skill I would say acquire HUMANITY.
Inculcate a soft corner in your heart. Learn humanity.

You are a Human first. Put Humanity first!!

Appreciation says it all :
Learn to appreciate people. We have become so thrift and greedy that our tongue only supports us in criticizing others. A respectful compliment for someone's genuine hard work never hurts anyone.
Compliment people. Appreciate them with a smile.
Give them warm effective remarks. Trust me it will come back to you.

Stop being the prisoner of Perfection :
You are not perfect. Yes the one Who is reading this. You are not perfect. And neither is the person to whom you are judging.
I want to make it very clear to you holding both of your shoulders and staring straight in your eyes, that it's OK to be imperfect.
It's OK to have some flaws. It's completely OK if you are not OK.

Go to the washroom or find a better place to CRY. Allow the tears to escape your eyes. Cry till you feel better. Let it get out of your system. Done? Great! Wash your face and apply a coat of mascara and jump into the field again.

Do not bother :
Mark this as very very important point because this surely gonna come in the exam of your life.
Do Not get bothered of what others think about you.
Do not let any ass disturb your state of nirvana.

Make yourself belive that you are not the kindaa person to whom they are referring to. Don't let things effect you.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's life. Don't expect it to be nice. You will encounter the decent of the people to the one who are a complete pest( lichhad, what I call them in Hindi).

Train yourself so well and so good that no storm can ever spoil your hair style.

Just relax, breathe. And those who don't let you breathe, choke them up too.
You don't have to be a Saint every time.

Keep rocking (wink). 


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