The never ending OMG!!

Zillion times in a day we do this "OMG" thing with various expressions. Whether we have it or not, everything seems to be problematic for us in the end. From work place to toilets, from pollution to population everything appears earth shattering to us like, OMG what I am gonna do now?

Aah... OK, so it's time to give an award. And the nominees are............ Zillions of people breathing on this planet that supports life called earth. Ladies and gentlemen give yourself a huge round of applause while you have the honour of receiving this Grammy award for your life long contribution for yelling and crying over the issues that have been appearing in your journey from past twenty years. Yuhuuu.... Cheers. Yeah yeah.
What? Why are you giving what-do-you-mean look to my blog?
(Lemme explain my sarcasm.)

OMG I have a terrible BOSS, save me. OMG I don't have a work to do. OMG I have so much work to do. OMG I want to leave this place and escape. OMG, I  just wanna come home. OMG I don't have anyone with me. OMG why is everybody behind me. I want peace out.

Zillion times in a day we do "OMG" thing with various expressions. Whether we have it or not, everything seems to be problematic in the end. From work place to toilets, from pollution to population everything appears earth shattering to us like, OMG what I am gonna do now? What do you mean by what you gonna do now? Don't gimme expressions like you gonna die the next moment.
You are wide alive and awake. You are suppose to get a problem. It's obvious. You can not escape this phase. But then yes you can, once you are dead. Everything comes to rest when you are at rest permanently.
What literally creates a mess is that we end up finding the solutions for the wrong things. Very quickly let's just say--  often we feel dejected, heart broken and woeful at night. I am specifically saying night because I don't know what extra powers this time of the day holds that makes everything appears more thoughtful and melancholic. Happens right? (do lemme know your views on this particular scenario) And once we are numb, we start listening to even more dreadful songs that changes our condition from Bad to Worse. Are Bhaiii Kya chahiye( bro, what do you exactly want?)

If by some reason you are already feeling sad then better go for some scientific mood busters like eating your favorite ice creams or chocolates or something very delicious of your choice( good food helps.) Colors around you will definitely change. Swtich on to a rock music and bang out frustration. Simple. I don't understand what's the point of playing....."Sach keh raha Hai diwanaaaa", in the background when you are already Dukhiii(sad).( A Bollywood sad song from Rehna Hai tere dil main movie)

Grow UP!! Things don't work this way.

If you have a painful BOSS( better get a painkiller) , you can't change your BOSS. If you can, then baby you  are blessed. If not then change your attitude of working with him. Because ultimately you can't change the person but yourself. Things will become better.

If you hate your job and don't wanna go to the same place again. Then either leave the job(only if you another one in your hand of your choice or if you have a better plan.) or make the same piece of shit into a peaceful place to work. You gotta work on this.

Bored of the same office and work? Create. Create something new that gives you a reason to come again the next day. Plan fun hours in your team. Talk to your manager, bring out ideas. You never know, you may even get promoted for the same. You just need to step ahead.

Don't go bonkers over the Internet in finding what's the purpose of my life, what am I here, who am I. Like shut up !! Your only purpose is to make yourself so busy in attaining whatever you dreamed of.
Get a shower. Feel fresh, think fresh. Wear a nice perfume.
There are people, there were people and there will be people who will be not less than a pain in your sexy ass for now and forever. You CANNOT change your ass neither you can change the people around.
But surely you can change the place where you can put your ass safely.

You cannot change HUMANS(Good/Bad). Stop trying. Deal with them. Someone ask How?  Well that's the interesting part. 

Bosses are Bad, Salary is low, Girlfriends are demanding, Work is Boring, Life is Hell yet they are all yours. You cannot always have an option with you to change them. Sometimes you have to select the only radio button in your life with a smile whether you want it or not. That's life.


BE HAPPY - - In not making others so, but your own self.

Practice Control - - not on situations but on yourself rest everything will be in control.

Take charge - - Not of the entire world, but of yourself. You got so much to discover.

Change your attitude. Wear a different glass and then view your problems. I am sure you will find another button to press. Cheers to life. Muahhhh.... :) :)  


  1. Well, huge round of claps for writing this wonderful blog....keep rocking 'Anu' :)

  2. I'm getting addicted of it... Waiting for more

  3. Thank you. Do visit the below link an d lemme know your comments about it.


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