And The Love Conquerored The Fear.

The problem was still the same. The situation was about to get worse. We didn't have anything but each other. And that's what that matters in the end. 

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"No no no no. No Gaytri no, I just wanna go home. Appa(dad) will be worrying so much. I don't want anything, just my home and family, screamed my roomate (A Tamilian Brahamin) when she analyzed the situation in the morning. She was crying and shouting at the same time. She started packing her bag. She collected whatever she could and left everything else in the room. Her conversation with Gaytari in Tamil floated above my brain but I got a slight hint that one of their friend was coming to rescue them. She threw her maxi on the bed and slipped into a pair of jeans and a T shirt. She then hastly folded her hair into a high bun and rolled her jeans till the knees. She left the room with Gaytari in no time. She didn't said a word to me. Neither did she offer any help. That day I realise how communities build distance. I rushed towards the balcony to study everything. Being five feet eleven inches tall, it was easier for her to cross the stagnant flood water with less struggle.She became out of my sight after a while.
I was left alone in the room with Vaishali and Gunjan and others as neighbors. I hurried my steps towards Vaishali and in a very trembling voice I said,"I think we should also leave. Look, look my roomates have gone. Let us go as well. It's not safe here anymore. Let's pack our bags. Come Vaishu, come.... Let's go!!"

"Shut up!! Just shut up I said. Stop this non sense", she screamed out of agitation as she held me by my shoulders and shook me hard. "What do you mean by let's go?? Where will you go?? Do you know anyone here? Do you know the local language of the people? Do you have any money? How much do you have? What will you do on roads? Do you even know the situation outside this place?? No bus, no train, no auto, no rikshaw, no planes are working. There is no connectivity to this town. People are stuck. Do you get me?? We are STUCK here. Get it straight. I am NOT going anywhere. If you wanna leave, you are free to go anywhere. "

Her cold angry words smashed me into pieces from inside. How can she be so blunt and bitter at the same time. But the worst part was, SHE WAS RIGHT. I didn't have any money. I didn't know anyone. Neither did I know the local language. How will I manage even if I am able to escape from here. I questioned myself and got no answers. Her rudeness, scenarios and possibilities left me in tears. I wanted to kick her ass but I was annoyed. So I left the idea. Nobody said a word. With my eyes swimming in water, I came back into my room and cried loudly.
After a while when I was done with my tears. I opened the windows of my room in order to get some air but the weather was humid and suffocating. I wanted to take a shower but I couldn't. The only bucket of water in my bathroom was reserved for the nature's call(ie to piss and pee). I washed my face and wore a perfume in order to bear myself.

"Come now, let's cook. I am Hungry", echoed a voice at my back. I knew who was at the door, so I decided not to turn and respond. I maintained my stubborn attitude and waited for the door to get closed. (who do you think she could be?)
She held my wrist and took me to the lobby forcefully where everyone was waiting. "We don't know what to make out of this. And you already know my culinary skills. I don't want to waste the limited resources by experimenting with them.
Cook something out of it. Let it get into my belly, only then my brain will function", said Vaishali with a playful smile which was pleading me somewhere.
"I don't know how to cook" , I responded in a tone that was colder than a beer. I was still angry and hurt Ofcourse.

"Aah, now come on. Don't act like a annoying brat. You know I am sorry", she said in a helpless tone.
"Are you?" , I intrigued with an edgy eyebrow.
"I mean yeah, I am sorry! I didn't mean to shout on you. It's just everybody is thinking and we will figure it out. It's ok. Stop worrying", said Vaishali as she held my cheeks in her hands and hugged me.

"Get lost. I dont wanna talk to you, I hate you bitch", said I in exasperation.
"I love you too kiddo" she said and hugged me even more tightly.

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