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Miles that got shorter with a smile.

I never thought we would emerge so strong that our fears would turn into smiles. Smiles that gave us the strength to cross the miles. Miles crossed with just a smile.  More than being terrified, I was agitated of the fact that I was not able to see the end point of the situation. I was tired of dwelling on possibilities of survival and escape. After two tensed days, I realized I need food. I was hungry. Before I could say anything, Vaishali shouted to break the silence among us. "come let's cook something. Only then our brain's gonna function. We will decide once we have something in our belly. (at times I wonder how she gets me just like that. Bitch she is). Her affirmative words gave me strength to relax my nerves and forget the situation for a while. I followed her instructions like an innocent lamb. I gathered everyone in the lobby and narrated them the plan. Everyone nodded in agreement, because deep down we all were hungry. Now the question was, Who w

The familiar road.

Take a stand for yourself. Don't let anyone and everyone drive your life just like that. Drive it yourself. Your way, the way you want it to be, because it's your life. Every time I encounter new people across the globe, it's the time when they feed me with stories and thoughts. Thoughts and questions that sometimes end up framing up into a blog. I don't know the scenario in rest of the countries(as I don't have that many friends abroad) but it is closely observed in India that when a child is born, our respective family take the entire charge from naming the little munchkin to raising him till they can support. Basically if I talk in the words of an engineer, the child is a lifelong project to the family. Where they initially invest in the project with the expectation that they will get good returns(in the terms of obedience, money, discipline and Ofcourse saying yes in their every saying.) Which is justified to some extent. It's ok I mean. It's