Miles that got shorter with a smile.

I never thought we would emerge so strong that our fears would turn into smiles. Smiles that gave us the strength to cross the miles. Miles crossed with just a smile. 

More than being terrified, I was agitated of the fact that I was not able to see the end point of the situation. I was tired of dwelling on possibilities of survival and escape. After two tensed days, I realized I need food. I was hungry. Before I could say anything, Vaishali shouted to break the silence among us. "come let's cook something. Only then our brain's gonna function. We will decide once we have something in our belly. (at times I wonder how she gets me just like that. Bitch she is). Her affirmative words gave me strength to relax my nerves and forget the situation for a while. I followed her instructions like an innocent lamb. I gathered everyone in the lobby and narrated them the plan. Everyone nodded in agreement, because deep down we all were hungry. Now the question was, Who will cook what?
We had very limited resources and eating them on the name of trial was a big No No for us. With everyone's consent I took the ownership to cook. I disturbuted the task among everyone. Vaishali chose to chop the veggies while Gunjan kneaded the flour. Roli washed the rice and kept it to boil. Rest of the gang got busy in mopping the floor, gathering utensils and other management task. 
Since I used to prepare my food before leaving for the office so I had some idea about it. I mixed potatoes,tomatoes and onions with all the dry spices in Desi Ghee( A Punjabi always have it.) and set it on a low flame. None of the girl in my group excel the art of making the round chapatis. That moment I thought of my mother and got nostalgic. She taught me everything before leaving the town. Mother's are mother's.
I prepared round chapatis for everyone and felt great. Because of the limited flour, we got 2 chapatis per head. Everyone managed decently. We sat together forming a circle and had our food. That single moment gave us happiness. Unaware of the fact, what's gonna happen next, we laughed. We thanked God for the limited food we ate that was strong enough to gave us contentment and happiness. Everyone appreciated my culinary skills. I felt delighted as I was able to calm down the hunger pangs of a group of people. Gratitude was all around. We were together in this moment of misery, smiling and appreciating. What else one could ever expect? Irrespective of the time, watches and calendar, we had a perfect delight. We shared food, smiles and hopes to make the next best decision and to stick to it together. After our small chit chat session, I looked at Vaishali with those hopeful eyes.
As committed, I was waiting for the next move for the situation. Vaishali stood in the balcony and weighted the scenario. I quietly stood beside her. The water level was still the same, clouds still persisted in the sky, things were still floating in water and looking at it again my hopes got buried in the graveyard of darkness which once showed me the sun.

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