The familiar road.

Take a stand for yourself. Don't let anyone and everyone drive your life just like that. Drive it yourself. Your way, the way you want it to be, because it's your life.

Every time I encounter new people across the globe, it's the time when they feed me with stories and thoughts. Thoughts and questions that sometimes end up framing up into a blog. I don't know the scenario in rest of the countries(as I don't have that many friends abroad) but it is closely observed in India that when a child is born, our respective family take the entire charge from naming the little munchkin to raising him till they can support. Basically if I talk in the words of an engineer, the child is a lifelong project to the family. Where they initially invest in the project with the expectation that they will get good returns(in the terms of obedience, money, discipline and Ofcourse saying yes in their every saying.)
Which is justified to some extent. It's ok I mean. It's fine. But as the time flies and the baby grows( ie when the project moves from transition to a stable state) the stakeholders (our family) starts expecting and assuming that our child will walk on the same road on which they have left their traces. It feels heaven when they try to protect and guard you and think all the finest thoughts with abundance of love for you but is it confirmed that the child will get success on the same path on which once his dad once walked. And if the growing offspring refuse to take the same old path, then there's a disturbance in the air. In other words we start getting challenges in the project. We need to setup a meeting with the stakeholders to discuss the scope. Right? Doesn't that happen.?? And then A Subject matter Expert would be called from our family to brainwash us and to solve the
As an experienced IT engineers we can predict the flow of the project. But we have seen challenges even after the project reaches into a stable state after the transition. It's never a smooth sail.

Now you will question like my manager... What went wrong ? We took knowledge transfer(KT) from one team, we had regular meetings, communications, documents of understanding(our extended family Ofcourse) then what went wrong ?
Similarly, we are their children. We have inhereted genes from them. We resemble them in many ways but we have our own set of capabilities and qualities. We can't inherit their capabilities. Every individual has his own calibure which is inbuilt and is imbibed by the God.
We may not be able to handle a situation like our mothers. Just inheriting her genes doesn't makes us similar. We may suck at it. Then how can we walk on the same road and reach the expected destination on Time?
The world is changing, time is changing, how come the destination won't change?

Time changes and everything changes with the time. What do you think about the road map of your dad? You still expect it to be the same as it used to be 60 years ago!? Wouldn't the traces of his success have been erased by the time? Wouldn't have it brought new challenges in the path?
How can you guarantee the same throughout??
A son of a doctor is not necessarily meant to be a doctor always. He could be a guitarist as well. Depends.

Nutshell is :
Don't let anyone around you define your life. If you have issues, distinct thoughts, a broader view then sit. Sit with your parents and talk. Sit and talk.
Take a stand for yourself. Don't let anyone and everyone drive your life just like that. Drive it yourself. Your way, the way you want it to be, because it's your life. Cheers. 


  1. That's a great one... Loved the theme very much.. Keep posting


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