Get out of the Bar and See the Stars !!

Remove the mask of flawlessness and diplomacy. Shed the fears of getting judged. Don’t shy away to smile in your ugliest form. It’s always fine this way.

I know by this time everyone’s waiting to change the calendars on their wall. It’s the second last day of this year and everyone is engrossed in making plans of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. While other half of the population might be wondering which car, property, shares to invest in as their pundit ji might have forecasted the expected behaviors of their Raahu and Ketu(all about astrology u see). Basically all the people I am encountering on my Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are busy planning for 2019. It’s a new year after all; we all need to prepare for it.
Going to the already over loaded, over priced clubs and bars with layers of makeup paired with the painful stilettos and cheering up in the crowd with bottles of beer is something for the kids now a days( what’s the point of screaming when no one gives a shit around?)People do this every year. What’s new in that? To add more to it, half of the crowd is drunk enough to realize what the celebration is actually for?

But how about celebrating things with a different touch this time? How about welcoming the New Year in a new way? You can follow the below listed if you want :-

-> Set up a Meeting:
I know the heading sounds more like technical but what do you expect from an engineer. That’s what we do in the office. Okay make a list. Call out your friends. All of them (your office friends, school friends, college friends, washroom friends, travel friends and all the friends.)Don’t end up making some stupid group on Whatspp as New Year plans. Two things will happen if you do this. Firstly, majority of your time will be wasted talking non sense and insisting people to turn up for a get to gather. Trust me no one’s going to come. Secondly you will be end up getting sad because the net result of all your effort will be zero. So to avoid such things, call them out personally. It makes an impact! Call out all the significant people in your life with whom you want to spend this moment of time. Calling people helps! Make a note.

-> Decide a Place:
By this I mean literally find a place other than dramatic clubs and pubs( I am not totally against them but we can always have better options if we try). They give you nothing but a good selfie background that’s it. Decide a roof top of any of your friend’s house and maybe if you are lucky you can even get a room if their parents permit. You can even manage to decorate a store room to crash your butt with your favorite ones. All you need is a warm peaceful place that can listen to your heart loudly. If nothing works, go the nearest park, spread a sheet and spend some quality time getting absorbed in the warmth of the sun. Give it a try.

-> Empty your Hearts:
It’s really stupid how we become deaf and dumb in the loudness of the world while the things we want to share still remains in the deepest of our core.
Fill your car with your peeps and go for star gazing. Sit on the beach; let the water touch your soul. The talks and laughs on the way will make your New Year even more happening. In this rapid evolving life, we have forgotten to apply breaks and feel the things around. We are so busy to get a real life.

Sit together. Get some appetizing cakes, chilled bottles of beer (to open your hearts out. Today we need to open a bottle first in order to open our hearts to somebody. We have become so weak and insecure from within.)
Remove the mask of flawlessness and diplomacy. Shed the fears of getting judged. Don’t shy away to smile in your ugliest form. It’s always fine this way.
Shout out whatever you have been holding since years. If you like someone. Say it. Go say it!! Come on. If it comes out to be a No, its fine. It’s New Year. Maybe someone else is waiting for you. And if it’s a Yes, what would be more amazing than finding your love to start the New Year with.

Quickly empty the room of your heart. Whatever you are holding good, bad, ugly, foul, smelly let it be out of your system. No need to hold on. Puke it out completely and say yukkkk… finally its out!! Gawd I can breathe now.

Make a room. Make a room to let new things enter in a new way this Year. Do not accumulate. It will make you feel burdened.
Express your gratitude. Exchange those warm hugs and say thank you. Thank you for your valuable presence which added more meaning to my life.

Oh babe, it’s never too late, never too early. It’s all about commencing with your heart.

Cheers to life.
Cheers to the scars.
Cheers to what we are today after overcoming those bars.
Cheers to the new times, I am sure together we will go very far.

I personally wish everyone on this earth a very prosperous and happy New Year 2019.
Lots of love :-)


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