Want A Holiday? Let's take it!

Even if the entire trip comes out to be a spoiler, We still manage to get some decent photos to showcase them to people. Right? I might be wrong, I ain't sure. But what if..... 

In this entire 2k18 I had been trying to go on a holiday at some place or another but each time I decide that this month I am surely gonna go,it was always a flop show. By this year end I got so agitated with my self and surroundings that I could not hold my irritation level and decided to post on this. How sad and annoying it feels when you make plans and it gets dismiss like anything. But this sad thing that has been happening to me continuously forced me to understand the hidden phenomenon behind it. Here's what I got:

 * Sooner or later we all plan for a holiday but why do we even need it? By this I remember the words of my father. In my school days during summer breaks, I used to be so excited to plan a summer trip with family. Sometimes we used to go, sometimes we don't. But my father used to ask me one question everytime, "Why do you wanna go on a holiday? What difference will it make? What will happen if you not go?" As a child I wasn't able to understand what his questions were trying to teach me. But today when I confront them again in my life, I feel completely stucked. Ask yourself, Why do you need a holiday? The possible answers may be :

 -> We are so frustrated from our monotonous life style and work that we need an escape plan.
 ->We are exhausted breathing in the same polluted air and looking at the same ugly faces again and again.
 -> We anyway want a break from our current scenario no matter how happy and sad it Is. People like me simply get bored of it. A complete lull. We just need a break.
 -> And most importantly for some an update to the Insta stories and Facebook is a must to make it more appealing and happening. Followers matter after all. Even if the entire trip comes out to be a spoiler we still manage to get some decent photos to showcase them to people. Right? I might be wrong, I ain't sure. But what if.....

What if we end up going to some happening location for 5 to 10 days. What change will it bring? It may refresh us undoubtedly, it may give us vocabulary to talk about but do you think it's gonna last long ? Won't it fade away very soon??
Won't we be standing at the same place from where we started?
Won't we need to repeat that in order to maintain the refreshness level in our lives? And what if some of us are not able to afford that frequent expensive freshness? Does that mean we don't have a solution to our problem?

Ofcourse not my love. At least as long as I am there, you will have one no matter how weird it can get but you will surely have one. I promise. We need to update our Insta stories but what about the one which are constantly processing in our minds without any pause? Who's business it is to update them too?
OMG we are getting questions when seeking for answers, it's getting interesting isn't it??

We all need a holiday. We need to stop everything and take a break. But what if we take a holiday daily? (Trust me I ain't drunk. I got a point dude!)

We consider holidays as an easy escape which is a wrong approach in itself. You need a break? Take a break. Take a break in those 24 hours. We already take so many breaks.( Tea breaks, Sutta break, Lunch break, Sussu break) but we don't take them consciously. I may sound like a Grand maa right now, talking about the things bigger than my age but there's no harm in knowing the solution.

Breath :Close your eyes and breath. Just relax. Nothing will rushing. Whatever wherever you are stuck, you will eventually get out of that. It's not gonna stay for long. Belive in this too shall pass therapy.
Remind this to yourself and you will feel better.

Follow the beach therapy: Life's way too short like literally brief to hold on any feeling. Let your soul get soaked in gratefulness. You will never wash your hands in the same water again. Loosen up. Make a deeper base of yourself just like the sea bed. You will stay calm.

Smile: Today you are young. You own these beautiful white teeth. Flaunt them as much as possible. Because tomorrow you gonna only left with gums. Some of us may too have those beautiful facial dents on our cheeks which we call as dimples(gawd I too have them. Wink). Got damnd flaunt those beautiful deformities of your facial muscles because you will be only left with the wrinkles tomorrow. Encash it as much as you can.

It's an amazing world. Experience it. Set a reminder on your phones that you need to stay happy throughout.
You gotta celebrate life however it is.
You gotta express gratitude for whatever you have got.
You won't experience any better holiday than this.
Go on a holiday tomorrow and don't forget to tell me what do you discovered.

 Cheers!! :)


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