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Tester and Developer on the same boat ?

The  best part is we can always choose. But the worst part is we often end up choosing the wrong one. Clear your browsing history. Erase it completely and then launch yourself again in the world with a bang!! It will work. We have initiated the start of the New Year and I have no shame in saying that I had a terrible start.Well Reasons being many ( We will talk about that later). What pushed me to write this blog today has something deep attached to it. You could say a file of some of gbs which is too large for my system to handle. To unzip that compressed file and to free some space in my heart and soul, here I read it as: I am a tester by profession ( Never forget your profession that gives you better and bread, no matter how terrible it is.) I test the application and figure out bugs/errors and pass it to the other team to fix it. Right? That’s how we follow the process? All the testers in the room please make a sound. But the interesting part is that of chasing. We k