Tester and Developer on the same boat ?

The  best part is we can always choose. But the worst part is we often end up choosing the wrong one. Clear your browsing history. Erase it completely and then launch yourself again in the world with a bang!! It will work.

We have initiated the start of the New Year and I have no shame in saying that I had a terrible start.Well Reasons being many ( We will talk about that later). What pushed me to write this blog today has something deep attached to it. You could say a file of some of gbs which is too large for my system to handle. To unzip that compressed file and to free some space in my heart and soul, here I read it as:

I am a tester by profession ( Never forget your profession that gives you better and bread, no matter how terrible it is.) I test the application and figure out bugs/errors and pass it to the other team to fix it. Right? That’s how we follow the process? All the testers in the room please make a sound. But the interesting part is that of chasing. We keep on chasing the development team or the third party until we get a solution to it. We end up doing follow ups with the people we don’t even know, setting up meetings even when we don’t want to do, attending calls even when we know  no resolution’s gonna come out of it. Still we do it right? Process needs to be followed.
Majority of the people are working on machines today or some are just working among the machines. Our body is also a machine but a sophisticated one. But we forget to take follow ups from our machine i.e our body. We forget to chase or look into the bugs that persist in our system. We treat it as a insignificant error and we give our best to ignore it. Don’t forget open wounds aches the most.
After a miserable day at work, I came home and cried my heart out. I cried like anything. I cried because things were not according to me. I cried because people behaved in a complete contrasting way than I expected. I cried because I was accused of the mistake that I didn’t commit. After crying for an absolute one hour, I felt like either jumping from the 9th floor or pushing the set of annoying people from the same floor so that I don’t have to face them tomorrow. Either of the option was not possible for me. After bitching about what happened today to my mom, a wise thought hit my mind just like a sudden skit. Zzzummmmmmm.
I recalled myself during the phone call with my mom that I am a tester. My job is to identify the bug, assign it to the person who has created it and then ask for the resolution. I just need to follow the process in my case as well.

I had a problem. Something unacceptable and unexpected happened that disturbed the normal functionality of my system(my body). I followed a wrong approach towards it by getting agitated and messy. Here’s what you all can do to make it better:

Bug No 1 :  Analyze the bug to which party it belongs.
The bug has to be assigned to the team/person who has actually developed it. Because only that person knows the actual functioning and designing of the error. All the bugs which we are encountering today are self created. I me myself and my inner core can judge it best. That means we need to look for a resolution inside. We don’t need any third party to solve it. Sit back and relax. Pull the reverse gear and think what happened. If it’s your mistake, ask yourself to learn from it. Getting scolded in the office never makes a big difference but learning and growing from the same surely makes an impact.
 Every time we face a bug/disturbance inside our system, we seek towards others to fix it. We want someone to listen to our hues ad cries and give a approval to our misery with a nodding head and saying… exactly, that’s how these people are. Bitches they are. You have done the right thing. We feel pleasurable relief when someone nodes in our idiocy. Idiots are only liked by idiots. Remember this!

Bug No 2 : Don’t expect your application to run smooth.
(Yeah, you read it right. I know you might be thinking what the hell she’s up to. Ohh girl we can’t take such a info- technical thing this wintery morning at least. Your blog is asking so much. Gimme a break!! )

Many of us wish to our dear lords that please don’t give us problems and suffering this year, let it be a peaceful one. In this case let me tell you, you are wasting on your wishes. Ever bought a new microwave or a refrigerator for your home? Of course you would have. What do you think when you unpack it to start it. Do you fold your hands in the front of refrigerator and pray, may this fridge works properly till I am alive? Is that so? Can it actually happen? No, right?
It is a machine and it is expected to work for a particular period of time. It may need a mechanic in between, it may disfunction some day but that can be fixed. Similarly its life! A brief life. You may get sad and hurt someday. Someday you are just happy. You may not like the behavior of others the next day but that’s fine. Isn’t it? That’s all we have to deal with in the process.  
Someday your application might not load properly. Someday we just want to quit. But my baby love, a good tester will always change the settings. Clear the browsing history and launch it again. Majority of the times it work. Agree? You too can do it. Clear your stored history. Erase it completely and then launch yourself again in the world with a bang!! It will work.
Bug No 3 : Chase to find a Solution.
Now since it is clear that it is affecting the normal flow of our system, we need to get it fix. We chase the developers to give us a solution. We are developers in this case. We need to chase ourselves. What went wrong? Ask yourself. Is it important to hold on, or it can be neglected? It’s time to fix your thoughts. If you can’t find a solution yourself, better take a help. YouTube and social media are flooded with millions of inspiring stories. Don’t use them only for editing your pictures. Listen to some great achievers and manipulate the idea in your life accordingly. If you are willing to fix it, and you refuse to become sad anymore.  You will get a spark somehow. Chase baby chase.

When a Tester and Developer shakes hand together. When one allows the other to judge it completely. They then work together to deliver a bug free implementation. Shake hand with your soul to get a bug free life. 

Whatever it is, however it is. It is actually fine. I may have over used this line in many of my blogs but I personally feel good whenever I say this to myself. Try saying to yourself and let me know in case of any difference.
We might have so many bugs in us which are waiting to get fix. I may have not covered all, but you can always write to me in person about your bugs and their fixation methods. I would love to hear it from you. Give me a smile at least (wink).  That’s like a good reader. Cheers to life. :)


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