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To The Loose Ends...........

(We all want this at one moment, someone to hear, someone to ask, someone to pamper, someone to know that we are not fine. It feels good to have that someone around.) I thought this in my head before I could literally start dictating my cries. We walked all our way from the Dosa corner to Malinis’s place. I wanted to feel the roads of Chennai. My best time was started. I kicked my suitcase in one corner and then threw myself on her bed. Oh lord, I so wanna thank one of your creation to whom you gave this brain that he end up constructing a bed. How our life would have been without bed? God, it would have been horrible. I said to Malini but she ignored my blabbering like a pro. I shoot a pair of shorts on her face which I bought for her from Mumbai.   “Here you go. Catch!” Wow, you bought this for me? Thanks babe. “I got them in sale last week actually. Buy 1 get 1 free. You see”, said I in a playful note. “Bitch you are! I hate you! “,replied Malini and threw a pillow

The Home Coming.

The wide over speed roads with those huge palm trees accelerated my heart and forced my memories to run on the same roads again.  I decided to revisit the pages that I once read. I decided to visit Chennai again. Years have passed and everything was changed. I was standing on the Chennai Airport yet again, waiting for my friend to receive me. I felt the same warmth and love as I entered the city after years. It felt like home coming. "Hey you, who are you looking for?" asked a person in a shrilling voice behind my back and I knew who exactly it was. I turned around with huge grin and eyes filled with love waiting to see her stupid face again. Ohh my "Delhiee ki Billie" (Delhi’s cat, a name given by her to me). I missed you so much bitch, said Malini. I hugged her tightly. Her gajra smelled exactly how it used to do 3 years ago. I fixed my gaze over her face for a while and said with a gasp, "You haven’t changed a bit Mallu. Not by any chance." Ma