The Home Coming.

The wide over speed roads with those huge palm trees accelerated my heart and forced my memories to run on the same roads again. 

I decided to revisit the pages that I once read. I decided to visit Chennai again. Years have passed and everything was changed. I was standing on the Chennai Airport yet again, waiting for my friend to receive me. I felt the same warmth and love as I entered the city after years. It felt like home coming. "Hey you, who are you looking for?" asked a person in a shrilling voice behind my back and I knew who exactly it was. I turned around with huge grin and eyes filled with love waiting to see her stupid face again.
Ohh my "Delhiee ki Billie" (Delhi’s cat, a name given by her to me). I missed you so much bitch, said Malini. I hugged her tightly. Her gajra smelled exactly how it used to do 3 years ago. I fixed my gaze over her face for a while and said with a gasp, "You haven’t changed a bit Mallu. Not by any chance." Malini Iyer, my years long south Indian friend whose face reflects the same shine and gleam like it used to do. She looked pretty in her yellow golden silk saree with those jhumkas and a bindi on her forehead. Her thick black long hair were adorned with a bunch of Jasmine flowers( Gajra). Her sparkling white teeth and her excited eyes were enough for me to feel relaxed. She was standing there in front of me for real. I was overwhelmed. "Let’s run Mallu, I am really hungry. Take me somewhere, I need food to survive." said I with a puppy face. "Yeah yeah Umm let us go." she replied in her crisp typical south Indian tone, which I have been longing to hear. I giggled in my space.
We booked a taxi and headed towards a restaurant first. It was a beautiful evening in Chennai. I felt so nostalgic. While Malini was busy giving directions to the driver. I stole the moment to refresh myself. I peeped out of the window to inspect the surroundings. The wide over speed roads with those tall palm trees accelerated my heart and forced my memories to run on the same roads again. I encountered that London bakery on my way to which I was always a premium customer. I was over flowing with love. Tears skipped the corner of my eyes but the breeze like always was so swift that it bruised away the tears off my face completely. I was totally absorbed in the aura of the surroundings. All the memories that I had once packed and locked in a suitcase, popped up gain with a violent force. Good, Bad, Ugly, I remembered it all. Malini knew as well. She didn’t disturb the train of my thoughts. While I was looking out of the window, she held my arm and put her head on my shoulder silently. We didn’t exchange any words in taxi. My memories were coated with silence and nostalgic tears. Malini was my comfort zone. She was more than a friend to me. And I was sure she would have all the answers to my silent questions. The breeze was soft and moist more like my eyes. The aroma of filter coffee lingered the atmosphere. I closed my eyes and submerged myself into the feel. The feeling of being home.

The driver stopped the car and then we realized that we have reached the destination. I thought I would be taken to some North Indian restaurant but Malini being Malini has her own ways. I wasn’t able to read the board of the shop as it was written in Tamil. Yet again I enjoyed my disability to read a foreign language. It appeared to me all w w w written in a calligraphic style. I looked at the dosa corner and then at Malini. She unloaded my luggage from the taxi and ordered something in Tamil. I only understood the word Dosa. Well, I was contented with it. No more details were required. I was tired from the journey.

Chennai was not my hometown but it felt more like that.

It was not a normal city to me.
It was a city that was special to me. 

It was the city that gave me everything...!!


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