The salty water.

The water felt cold, colder than the beer that I had last night at airport. The chilled fresh breeze and the icey cold water made chill ran down my spine. 

We fasten our steps towards the beach. I didn’t want to get late and miss the moment. That moment was more important than starting of any movie. That was the moment to behold. In no time I was standing there, just on the entry gate of the beach. On one side there was a concrete road and on the other side it was this huge, endless, vast beach covered with clouds and breeze. As I put my first step towards the beach, I felt a whole new soul has entered into me. I wasn’t the same person that moment anymore. My heart was filled with over whelming contentment and my worries were carried by the swift breeze far to the horizon.

I was still away from the water but I was moving towards the gate of wisdom. Each step towards the beach opened a new window for my dragons to fly. It was all happening inside me. The tornados, the dragons, the peace, the wisdom, it was all inside and Malini was clueless about this.
 Step by step I was healing. I was relived because firstly I was there on the beach on time(before the sun rise) and secondly I heard my noises clearly.

The cool breeze blew swiftly through my hair as if someone just breath over my ear. I felt loved. It was a very quite place. The only noise I could hear was that of the water. The waves gushing in full enthusiasm and ecstasy. I walked towards the shore. The welcoming blue waves touched my feet in a giffy and moved the land below my feet. “Oh oh hoo, easy. “, I said to myself as I lost my balance. Never seen such a beauty in my entire life.

Feelings rushed through my adrenaline and were loud enough to express. The water felt cold, colder than the beer that I had last night at airport. The spasm of fresh breeze and the icy cold water made chill ran down my spine. I got goose bums all over my body. My breast got firm and hair got charged and dingy. I was wide awake in my own space. It took me some time to get absorbed in the cleanest of environment and to breathe in the purest of air( Delhi people are not used to it. We breath in carbon).

My lungs got alive again. Malini decided to go for a walk by the shore while I decided to stay there and get soaked. The light was perfect, the half moon made the environment romantic and the clouds did the remaining task. Nature hugged me in its own way. I forgot everything that ever belonged to me, my worries, my job, my struggles, my identity and even my friend  Malini. That profound hug by nature to me touched me to the core. Felt like every cell of my body got back to life like a Phoenix.

I sat where I was standing. I thought the waves won’t come that far to me. They were all slow and fast just like my life. Everything was amazing till the time the salty water came with all its force and took the sand below my Ass along with it. I drifted gradually to a level below. I felt it strong. What was that? I was completely took by nature. Forget about the land, I was in a new world when it wet my pants and touched the sensitive area between my legs. Nasty it was. I shivered for a moment but then I didn’t bother. I got up to sit Ina dry land with those wet pants. I wanted to connect to myself but no place and time could have been better than this.

I closed my eyes to feel the air. I let my hair spread all over my face. Pretty or ugly I don’t know how I looked that time but I felt beautiful at heart.

 I felt like the queen Cleopatra as everything was arranged prisicely for me. As if the sun asked for my permission before spreading its light.

As if the breeze filtered itself before running through my hair.
As if the water came out straight from the glaciers before touching me and my soul.
As if the entire arrangement was perfectly organised and excited to make me feel home.


  1. I could easily connect the chains.. Nice write up... Keep writing keep growing��


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