When Screens Got Into The Way

I wanted his phone to die out of battery and get stolen so that he could never glue his eyes over the same screen again.

I was glad he was walking by my side. There was a different blush on my face. I was in the best of both worlds. Without any reasons and cause, I started liking him as a person but also, I hated the moment when he used to switch his attention towards his phone with a smile crawling on his face. I wanted to sneak into his phone and investigate with whom he was exchanging his words and smiles. Like why? I wanted him completely, like the entire bunch of roses. I didn't let my possessiveness over rule my love for him. The air that filled the space between us was charged with some majestic feelings. He was trying to be the best possible version of himself while I was trying to hide my blush and over excitement. Our efforts were visible in our own ways.

We walked parallely towards the subway from where we were supposed to board the next train. I wasn’t able to suppress my smile. There was a hint of a small curve forming on my facial bones, making my dimples look even more louder.

I never wanted that journey to end, I never wanted him to leave. I secretly wanted to wander with him in the wrong directions and never find the correct one again. I wanted his phone to die out of battery and get stolen so that he could never glue his eyes over the same screen again.

These stupid thoughts of mine made me giggle in my own space. Surprised by my sudden laughter he asked, “Hey, what you laughing at? Did I miss something? “
I chuckled and nodded my head like a kid. “No No,  it’s just a comic wave of time hit me hard.”, I replied with a lie.

He wore a smile on his face and asked, “ Well in that case, I would like to join the laughter club with you. Allow me. “

He was a magician of words. He knew the art to play well with them and make me smile with his every sentence. It felt like every word was being chosen cautiously. I didn’t come to know when my smile turned into a rosy peachy blush.

“This laughter club needs special permissions and background checks before letting anyone in. You need to pass them anyway!! “, said I with a crooked smile in response to his request. He tilted his head and smiled. I loved him even more that moment. The moment that invited all the smiles and shortened the miles between us.

I was well aware that I was falling prey. I knew, it was a one sided air that was filled with music and flowers along with the doubts and insecurities.

 I looked at him and didn’t said a word this time.
My soul was swinging in the ups and downs of a valley that didn’t have any scope of civilization. Irrespective of the heavy clouds of doubt which were floating on my way, I decided to talk to him normally. To break the ice, I asked– “ Have you been to this place before? “
“Never before!”, he replied.

Slowly we paddled together to start a conversation that could fill the empty room of silence. Majority of the things turned out to be similar among us. But I was waiting for something else. I was waiting to hear his thoughts, to judge him whether he resonates with me or not.
He was being observed on every small step, his soul was scrutinized layer by layer, Word by word, thought by thought.

His warm eyes and cold heart left me on a street where I wasn’t sure which one to go for. Should I dive in the sincerity of his eyes or should I shield myself from the arctic winds of his heart.


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