To The Deep Sea Bed.

I could have protected myself from the winds but I chose to hit the storm upfront. I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to make it or whether I will end up loosing my soul.

He was unworthy and unknown to me. I can tell by looking at his face that he was not completely there with me. It was just one part of him which was visible to me. He was the man with many layers and he was certainly not what he was trying to orchestrate. He was a deep sea bed to me, the more I dive into him, the more I acknowledge him. I wanted to hold him that moment and tear the mask which he had been wearing. I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to know things about him, I wanted to understand every fibre of what he was actually made up of. “Relax! Take it slow. “, said one of my side to me.

I obeyed the voice without any hint of doubt and arguments. I didn’t want to fall for him. I didn’t want any spark to lit up among us. Despite of all my efforts, I felt a strong force against him. One corner of me knew well enough that he was not one of my type. He’s never gonna be serious to take any responsibility. He's never gonna be the man of his words. I already knew that devil. Still I don’t know why my stars were pulling me towards him. I was sailing on a ship which was about the enter the storm. I could have protected myself from the winds but I chose to hit the storm upfront. I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to make it or whether I will end up loosing my soul.

But somewhere, some part of mine swayed with the surety that he was the one, who will tame my demons and fill my garden with roses. That somewhere in the future, if he end up holding my hand, it would be forever. Somewhere he was all love to me and somewhere he was a deep mystery.

I opened my eyes and saw him. He was sitting there, right in front of me, staring me with his warm gaze. His eyes met mine. I allowed my eyes to get soaked in his warmth and I shut them again. His nefarious personality was a magnet to me, attracting me in every possible way. The noises in my head were louder than my actual voice.

Later then I realised, it’s been more than an hour since I have been travelling. Clueless about which station it was, I shook my soul and stood up to enquire my where about. I was still 2 stations away from my destination. I felt relieved d. I gathered my belongings and prep up to leave the train. Intrigued by my sudden vigilance, he asked with an innocent face, “what happened? Where you heading? Are you gonna step at the next station? “
“Umm, no. After 2 stations actually.”, replied I without any thought. His presence was so consuming that it didn’t allow me to focus on anything except him.

I so wanted to step out of the train as soon as possible and breath. I felt chocked. He made me felt heavy. I wanted to let him flow out of my system like the air from my lungs. He caught me struggling with my thoughts. I said nothing.
I tucked the bag on my shoulder with a contentment that finally our ways gonna get apart and I won’t be the prisoner of his charm anymore. I was standing at the door step, waiting for the train to stop when a warm, honey like deep husky voice murmured in my ears slowly and said, “I am also heading to the same place. Would you mind if I accompany you? “. His soft whisper was electrifying to my ears. He smelt sweet.

I looked back and smile. He smiled back in response and it was sorted.

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