The Birthday Gift

I looked at him with all the love in my eyes and said, “Nothing! I don’t want anything.”

The weather was exactly how I wanted it to be. Night was about to knock the door of the evening. I looked at him; he was busy over a phone call with his manager about some deliveries. I shifted my gaze towards the sky. I peeped out through the window and looked at the dark clouds and to the highway which was ahead us. I knew this moment will never return again. I knew we could never be the same again, and he would never be so- mine again.

That moment I had everything I could pray for. A supportive family at my back, non judgmental school friends, the weather and Him. He hit his elbow against mine to check if I was getting bore by his work calls but I was doing fine with my thoughts. I smiled back in response and he winked.
Unaware of the thoughts in my head, I was somewhere relieved that he wasn’t aware of the streets I was roaming in.

To me, he was my entire world. For him, I was just another happy person in his landscape.
To me, life without him was like food without salt, bland and tasteless! For him, I was not a much desired spice.
To me, he was the brightest star of my galaxy. For him, watching the sky without the stars and moon was never a major issue.
To me, he was my priciest investment. For him, I was yet another share in the stock market whose value varied with the time.
My own cold thoughts made me shrink from inside. I felt a strong crack developing in the walls of my heart. I shifted in my unease. I gasped heavily as I was unable to gulp the notion.

“So miss, what do you want on your birthday?” His cheerful voice banged my eardrum and breaks the train of my thoughts.
He was done with his call, and was now stealing a look on me while driving.

“Umm, I ….. Ummmm..”
“Okay fine, I will give you half an hour to think and tell me, said he as he studied my perplexed face.

My lungs were screaming from inside. "It’s YOU!!"

It’s YOU moron! Oh it’s so YOU that I want for the rest 50 years of my life till I die.

I want to wake up next to you every morning and kiss you without brushing my teeth.
It’s you, with whom I wanna fight for bathroom and prepare meals for.
It’s you, with whom I want to go office every day. So that in the evening when I come to pick you up, we can dine together, discuss our day and abuse our BOSS.
It’s you with whom I wanna drive back home with the ice creams in my hand and beer bottles in the back seat of my car.

It’s you with whom I wanna live together under the same roof with our wedding rings shinning on our hands.
It’s you with whom I wanna divide the task and clean the house on Sundays. So that I can snuggle later on our comfortable couch and watch Netflix together.

Oh baby It’s you, and your lap where I wanna sit and work on my book while you write code.
The one whom I want to remove my specs later and carry me to bed if I end up sleeping while writing the chapters of my book.

It’s you with whom I wanna fall in love each day to forever. So that I can claim you mine and you can claim me yours and we can have a life together.

“Oh hello, where you lost?”, he asked in concern as I was quite for 10 minutes( something which is not my behavioral trait ).

I looked at him in paparazzi. I so wanted to tell him. There was so much inside me. I so wanted to be with him but he could not, so I could not!!

I knew him. Maybe he was wrong, maybe he was right( but I could bet he was wrong and I had no intentions that moment to correct him, till he feels the same ). 
I was ready with my wings but he was not ready with his heart and that stopped me from saying everything.

He parked the car in front of my apartment and fixed his gaze over me. I know he was waiting for my answer.

I looked at him with all the love in my eyes and said, “Nothing! I don’t want anything.”

I felt a strong punch in my throat as I uttered the words but I still manage to smile and with that smile, I left the car and walked towards my place.


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