To the Past, Present And Future!!

Life is never sorted. Neither it will be ever.
Issues are and will always be there. 

I can totally feel your nerves when someone mention something of this sort. Homo sapiens tend to waste half of their lives in thinking about future because somewhere they are already fucked up with some bitter experiences.
Let me make it more simple for you. Let’s talk logic!

Suppose you have a strand of thread in your hand. Towards which variety of people would carry different notions which would be based on their past experience, their skill set and their thought process of course.

Person A : He could simply take up the strand and think, how can this limited amount of thread can solve my purpose. Just let it be. I at least need to have the entire bunch to put it to some use.
More and more and more I required.

Person B : Now this person could hold the thread and think, 15 days back I got a cut on my finger when I was playing with it. That cut aches till now. I should better leave it as I am not good at handling it. Or let me handle it with most of the precision.
Always calculative, anxious, and worried for everything.

Person C : He could variably think, I have this thread right now. Lemme think how it can be put to use in the best way. He hastily picked up the thread, pass it through a needle and fixed a button on his shirt with that strand of thread.
Who do you think utilized the brain and the material completely? I know you are smart enough to judge that. Person C right? How intelligent my readers are. Waah.

Now let’s put it other way round. Read slowly.
The one end of the thread is your past, something which has gone and done. You can’t go back and change it. It has been done, dusted, recorded and marked in the pages of the history. It’s dead now!! Past is OVER!!

The other end of the thread is your future, UNCERTAIN and not known by anybody. Do you know your future? Neither of us know it. Then why so much hustle for it? Why are you in so hurry to lift the curtain over the stage when it is already destined for a particular time? You will get to know when the time comes. Simple. Why so bothered about it. It is completely not in your hands.

Now all you have is the strand of thread in your hand right now. Look at this. This particular piece of thread is your present!!
 The moment right now, when you are breathing and reading this blog of mine.
Right now you have a Job, a cute girlfriend, a bank balance, friends, family – everything is yours right now. You kindaa own it.

And when you are already given so much right now then what is stopping you from living it and feeling it? Why you still have to be on our toes to make an effort to get a peek a boo of future? Why to ignore all the love, money, potential and blessings which you already have in your bucket?

My baby love, believe it or not but you breathe in the air of uncertainties.
Life can do a simple puff and you are gone. Finish. You are dead.

And when you are made to revisit the pages of your life, you see it with the guilt that you could have done so much.

You could have said those unsaid words to the love of your life which you preserved for the future that never knocked your door.

That you wish you could had never procrastinated happiness and lived the moment.

 Maybe everything which was served to you was meant to be yours forever. And you being a fool doubted the timings and the blessings.

That you could have lived a little, loved a little, smiled a little and cried a little. But you were way too busy in calculating the equation of life that you lost the golden moments which were only waiting for you.

That now you wish you could have lived those little moments with your  favourite person without worrying about tomorrow’s sunset.

Life is never sorted. Neither it will be ever.
Issues are and will always be there.

We aim for perfect life, jobs, perfect families, perfect boyfriend – who never cheats, never hurts, never flirts, never argue and NEVER EXIST.

Trust me – they don’t. Life is never perfect. Stop expecting it.

Instead, look for someone who can accept you with all your scars and dents, lights and darks and still won’t mind to hold your hand and sip that bring cappuccino with you every morning.

Its never about the perfect person in the perfect life but the perfect moment which the 2 imperfect people make by living their present.

So baby, smile and fill this hour of yours with all you can because you never know, kal ho na ho.


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