Balancing The Crust and Core!

Our eyes understand each other better when our words fail.

We can always find a new road even when we are lost on some highway. But for that, you should be ready to drive!

What do you think we will do once we are old? I asked him out of no where.
We are already old Clara, said he in a voice that has already lost its spark.
Oh come on oldy, I don’t know about you but I am surely young.
He giggled on my stupid response and said, yeah madam why not.

What? I mean life is fun but don’t people get bored of sex after a certain point of time?
What?? He gave me a disgusting yet surprised look as i completed the sentence.
Are you lost or what? Wait, come here, let me smell you!
He sniffed my collar to check any evidence of alcohol in me.
You smell okay but the perfume is really good. I giggled and blushed in my own space. Shut up man, just stop it. People are noticing us.
(we both passed fishy smiles to each other)

Okay, see there. Do you see those group of ladies sitting out there. Yeah?
Wow, Hot chubby aunties Haan? Ishhh. Shut up. Cheapo.
Stop being a nerd, I think they are here for a kitty party.
Of course they could be, it’s a Sunday morning man.

There comes Mrs. Chadda. All decked up in black salwar suit with a pearl necklace which was a mandate to show off.
(we laughed and as always Derik nodded his kinky head with a smirk on agreement.)
You know you are good at commentary, he complimented as he enjoyed my background commentary about the ladies sitting next to our table.
My eyes sparkled in response and said, I know. I believe the same. (I never miss a chance to boast myself. We both knew it well enough. Lol)
Okay tell me something. Do you think our old age would be half as cool as those ladies?
Like we would be tired of sex, my boobs would have sagged and your manhood would be almost dead.
You would be reading a newspaper in the balcony and I would be bragging you to drop me to Mrs. Singhania’s place for this month kitty party.

Then you would be spending your day watching age old movies and regretting about life not lived fully so far.
And thereafter I would be calling you to pick me home and on the way back home, I would be updating you about the bitching, latest anniversary gifts my ladies git from their husbands and latest gossip of the society.
“Idli sir”, said the waiter as he brought our order to the table and disrupted our chain of thoughts.
Do you still remember that Derik?? Yeah, do you?
How surprising it is, that how exactly we want same food, carry the same vibe, with the same thought process, do the same adventure, and the same work but still we are not together. Interesting. Isn’t it?
We have created perfect moments with each other. Have done twinning together in almost every phase of life lived together.

We were there to lift each other in shouts and doubts.

We accepted each other’s scars and smiles yet what made you think we can’t cross another mile?
Our eyes understand each other better  when our words fail.

We can always find a new road even when we are lost on some highway. But for that, you should be ready to drive!

You need to trust the crust and the core will support you to make a balance which you seek to achieve.

Alone you can smile but together we can laugh.
You can enjoy your youth with your people but growing old together is totally fascinating.

We can smile together and curse together but only if we are together!!
From high class gossip to simple daal chawal.
From long drives to a walk to Gurudwara.
From adventurous trips to house parties.
Life can be simple, sorted yet classy and we can have it all, if only we are together.

And by the time you will finish reading this letter of mine, I would be somewhere conducting a meeting with some dumb heads in my office waiting for your reply in the back end.
And also, to let your Brain function properly, I have left some breakfast in the kitchen for you. Hop you enjoy that.
Your dearest.


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