Let Santa Surprise You!

You will get your light that will eventually make you shine and those little pieces of your soul will come back.

Since childhood I was a huge fan of love stories. I used to read romantic novels. I used to believe in magic. I used to watch movies where you can sniff love all around or at least they used to end with a happy note.
But then who knew my love story would be as ridiculous as it could be.
Well, I know. You need not to make me believe that.
Shutup Alan.

I used to believe that I was the Gardner of love. I used to soil it wherever I thought it could grew. But the winds have been so harsh upon me that they always rooted my plants off.

Sometimes I wonder how can people be so blessed with love? Like it’s good they are but how? And why always I have to fall for the wrong one? I mean people see each other, get to know each other and they are happily ever after. As simple as breathing.

As if you step into a huge store of clothes and at the very first attempt, the very first cloth you pick turns out to be of the apt size. Without any struggle, without any bargains, you get the perfect deal. Amazing! Isn’t it?
But neither I find the perfect cloth that can exactly fit over my ass and nor did the love that fits in the right corner of my heart.

You know most of the stories we been reading are for the people who fall for each other. But what about our stories Alan? About those of us who fall in love alone. It feels like we are the victims of one sided affairs, standing with a small face and with a thoughtful mind in front of the person, waiting and convincing ourselves that he’ll see the light and show up on the door again.

Why don’t the authors write on this?

Why don’t they write that when people say that understand, do they actually understand what it feels like when love refuse to ring your bell.

And when they say they understand, do they mean they understand the feeling as small as insignificant as humanly possible and how it can actually ache in places that they didn’t know they had inside them.

I am sure they don’t understand. Because its tricky man. It’s complicated.
(silence prevailed for a while)
Stop staring at me like that. (kicks Alan's elbow)

Wow man, you need this drink more than I do.
(She gulps the entire drink in one shot.)

You amazing Clara. Believe me, you are amazing.

(Clara) (Ahh, let this be Alan. What’s the use? I am still miserably single.)

But lemme tell you something lady, no matter how long all this go. It’s a Christmas eve.
New year’s about to step in. You’ll go somewhere new, meet people who will make you feel worthy again.

You will get those ears to listen to your words, to those feeling you best describe and who’s finally gonna care for them.

You will get your light that will eventually make you shine and those little pieces of your soul will come back.
The fuzzy stuff, those years of your life where you have been waiting and longing will eventually begin to fade away.

(Alan presses his numbed eyes in affirmation to the belief which he holds for the new eves to bring in.)

Oh Turner, thanks a millionth to get it so easily. You been the best person around.
(they hug each other as a token of thanks and warmth which they bestow for each other as friends.)

Come on now, let’s bake your favorite cake. It’s gonna make you feel young and alive.

(Chuckles) (Both heads towards the kitchen to craft something delectable that could bring the curves on their faces again.)

Cheers and Merry Christmas 😊


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