The Pause Button.

Applause the Pause before its over!!

We have been constantly cribbing upon how desperately we need a break from our 9 to 5 monotonous schedule. We spend our lifetime working as Tech maniacs, working towards a drift without pondering upon the realization that why are we even doing this?
Our Instagram stories and posts are the evidence that we struggle to show our existence in the world. We want fancy vacations,million followers on our accounts, a 6 digit salary, high class friends and summon our day captioning " Trying this Greek Yogurt as probiotics!" When I can gaurantee, not even half of your friend list would know the difference between a curd and a yogurt! Fancy. Isn't it?
(And I am also sure that majority of you will google the difference between them after reading this blog of mine. You can always thank me later silly!)

I literally want you to come, sit by my side and think! Think about the answers of the question which I am about to shoot on you. Since we are experiencing this world wide lock-down due to COVID-19, I got ample amount of time to think about what has been neglected.And I am sure you have that time too. Don't worry, I am not here to talk about COVID-19 or its measures/precautions, we already have enough of that . The point is something different here.

Lets just say and pray that this lock down is over in next 5 days and you are asked to retain the old hustle of  your life. What do you think you gonna do? Any list so far? Other than running back to the different towns and jobs, what else you gonna do? Is your goal sheet ready? Have you jotted down the work-to-be-done, the-girl-to-be-proposed, the-dream-to-take-over and the-road-to-travel. If you are blessed with life again, Is your road map ready? THINK!!

Family time is about knowing and accepting each other totally. Now you might be questioning this with an arched eyebrow quoting," who doesn't know about their families?" Knowing your parents from the childhood is one thing, which is obvious. Something we have grown up with! But understanding them and their years old thought process as adults is different. Every family has a different story to tell. Sit and talk. Are you doing it? If yes, good enough! If not, why not? THINK!!

It’s a scientific human tendency that we tend to visit the pages of our past when we have nothing to do but to feed the nostalgia.We have that immense ability to go to the deeper depths of what has happened once and draft the post-mortem report that even the people working in intelligence would shy.
Nothing’s wrong in remembering the old school time but letting your soul drowned in the river of guilt is something I won't suggest. Rather than wasting our tears on what has flung just like that, radiate your smile with someone who can make it a forever. Think!! Regret is the heaviest weight to carry. Don't do that to yourself.

Physicality can be improvised within a span of time. Some diet and exercise can make you achieve the much desired body but maintaining the emotional balance is something which takes years.We are not saints from Himalayas. We need our own convincing set of logic to make our brain cells believe that its right. For some it may take days,weeks or even months. But only you can decide the right bandwidth of time you actually need to work on. And time is what we have now. 
Make yourself so strong and brittle emotionally that even the hardest of the winds would just surpass by your soul without any turbulence. Think!!

Think darling think!! Let your brain cells do some work out. Workout to shape the rest of your life.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!
Cheers!! :-)


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